Pandemic Musings - Some Lessons We Can Learn

Pandemic Musings – Some Lessons We Can Learn

Some thoughts have been pondering over my mind past few days. Finally, I got a chance to pick a pen to scribble those broken sequences of mental statements that I want to integrate and see if they really make some sense to the world.
The journey of coronavirus from an epidemic to a pandemic is not as short as the temper of some people. If I look at the people around me (of course through social media), they are the insane ones who have already lost the battle – the battle against mankind. The entire world is fighting this virus, but the so-called ‘Unity in Diversity’ personified Indians are busy fighting among themselves.
Now, it’s perfectly alright to have an opinion; that’s the beauty of living in a democratic country with access to social media that you can easily ooze out what you feel and let others know your viewpoint. But, forcing others to view your damn opinion from your eyes is not fair. My Facebook wall these days is as bad as a WORLD WAR! Some people have lost it so bad that they sound no less than uneducated literates. Looking at them, I realise that social distancing needs to be followed not just in the real world, but in the virtual world too.
I want to filter the positive and optimistic messages and leave behind the hopeless ones. We all need to rise above religion, stop defending someone’s deeds, and start appreciating humanity else before coronavirus infects all, this hatred would infect us equally badly. Both these viruses don’t come with a cure, so let’s be responsible enough to save us from this wicked disease. Let’s spread some cheer, love and hope.
On second thought, this pandemic has made me realise how trivial and tiny we are in front of this tinier virus. This microscopic thing seems mightier than the world. Something so minuscule has so much power that the entire globe is haywire. It makes me think that neither power nor money holds any value. Coronavirus is neither sparing the influential nor the wealthy.
It looks like a way of God to discipline us – to let us know how much wrong we as humans have done to the planet, to the innocent animals, to the free birds, to the blue skies, to the crystal clear water and to the clean environment. Maybe its time to reset Earth. Let’s leave behind the baggage of our mistakes and start afresh. Let the animals live freely, let nature breathe once again. Let’s all learn to co-exist, build a more mindful and responsible world, adopt simplicity, and cherish the joy of our relationships

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