My Baby's First Adventurous Trip

My Baby’s First Adventurous Trip

I was excited to go to my hometown after the birth of my child. My little one was just 3 months old at that time. I was anxious and happy at the same time. I was anxious about travelling and worried about my little one’s well being.

I was overwhelmed with the amount of packing and arrangements that are to be done when travelling with a baby for a long stay. My hubby and I both packed at night while tending to the baby too. We got no sleep and had a long tedious journey ahead to reach our destination. It was an hour-long flight followed by a 5-hour road trip by car. On top of that, airports in both the city were at least an hour and a half drive away from our homes.

Our flight was at 11 am, for which we had to leave at least two and a half hours in advance, but our tired bodies along with the morning shenanigans made us late and we left just two hours in advance. To our dismay, we got caught up in traffic and reached the airport just 40 minutes before the takeoff.

As we ran to the check-in counter with a hope to catch it just in time, I thought, “Baby it’s your first home run, just make it.” Alas! The check-in counters had closed and the horror dawned upon me that we had missed our flight. Next came discussions, decisions to be made to either go home and check for a flight at a later date or board the evening flight.

As we had already gone through all the pain of doing all the packing and arrangements, we decided to board an evening flight. We were lucky enough to have a friend staying close to the airport where we rested for a couple of hours. We refreshed a bit and my baby rested well there.

We had a fine non-dramatic evening flight. I took a breath of relief only to find out that once we landed, our cab was not coming as there were heavy rains. We were stuck at the airport with a little baby. The sun was setting and the weather was bad.

With utmost difficulty, my husband managed to book a cab through a local cab operator and we started again at 9 pm. Thanks to the feeding and changing rooms at the airport that I could feed the baby and changed her diapers. I had a stock of diapers in my bag, which was a life saviour at that time.

The road journey was the most difficult due to less visibility, heavy rains. My baby was irritated and we were tired. The driver, however, was experienced and helpful. We made just 1 stop to reach as fast as possible.

Still, we made it somehow; we recited prayers and reached my home at 3 am in the morning. Almost all the way in between her feedings, I sang to the baby and tried to make our laps as a bed for her. One most important thing which made her comfortable was the sleeping bag which I carried for her and she could sleep snugly in it.

Everyone was happy that we reached safely. We learned a lesson that we should never plan a gruelling journey with a little baby again. It was a journey we would never forget in our lifetime. It has become a good story now, which our little one will also get to hear once she grows up. After all, it was her first adventurous trip!

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