Why Overprotection Can Harm Your Child

Why Overprotection Can Harm Your Child

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We, as parents are concerned about our kids’ health constantly. Protection is good, but overprotection is not good at times. When I was a new mom I used to be overprotective, I used to wrap my child to the maximum extent possible so that she wouldn’t feel cold outside. I used to try to feed her even if she wasn’t crying for food or didn’t need it, just so that she doesn’t cry and is comfortable. But, after talking to my doctor, I realised that I should wait for my kid to cry or ask for food. In other words, a child should be left free so that she feels the need for hunger. I have also observed that kids who are in air-conditioned rooms all the times are more prone to falling ill than the kids who play outside or are allowed to crawl in the park or the mud.

Kids should be allowed to grow naturally, and they should be allowed to have free time when they can play, jump, crawl, laugh and do whatever they want. When my kid started to crawl, I did not allow her to crawl without putting knee caps or without spreading a small sheet in the place she was crawling. I was worried that she might hurt herself, but people and the doctor suggested that she should be allowed to crawl on different surfaces without any knee caps as it will help her bones to become strong naturally

There are also home remedies like applying hing on the baby’s belly in case of a stomach ache that is really helpful. There are many home remedies that one can opt for to help their child instead of relying on medicines. This has been my experience in raising my child, and I’m sure people have different opinions and experiences.

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