Homemade Healthy & Delicious Porridge for Babies Above Six Months

Homemade Healthy & Delicious Porridge for Babies Above Six Months

Porridge is the best meal you can give to babies who are above six months. It will keep your baby energetic and fill his/her tummy. You can give them two times a day.


  • Whole wheat(1/4 cup)
  • moong dal(1/2 cup)
  • rice(1cup except basmati)
  • one can use kolam rice
  • almond(3 pieces)
  • Ajwain (1teaspoon)
  • ghee
  • sugar
  • salt

Recipe 1

Wash everything except almond and ajwain. Keep washed grains under fan till it becomes dry. Then roast them separately until nice aroma comes out of them. Then grind them together with Ajwain and almond. Keep this meal powder in an airtight glass container.

Recipe for Porridge

Take two tbsp meal powder in a well-washed cooking pot, add water, a pinch of sugar and salt. Add one teaspoon ghee in it. Let this mixture cook on a medium flame. Keep stirring it in intervals.Cook until granules of mixture disappears. Let it cool down. Feed your baby with a clean spoon.
Note: Make this powder for eight days and when it finishes again make it for intervals of 8 days.
While feeding, first taste it yourself and make sure that the bottom of the spoon is not hot; otherwise, the baby’s tongue might get burnt.
Feed this porridge until baby turns 1. After one year you can add two tablespoons sago in it. Roast sago then grind them.

Porridge For Babies

Recipe 2

Raggi porridge

This is essential and a must for babies to make their bones strong. This porridge you can feed the baby once in a day after six months of age.


  • Whole Raggi
  • milk
  • sugar
  • ghee
  • roasted almond powder


First keep Raggi in water for 4 to 5 hours. Remove it from water and keep it in a muslin cloth so that the sprouts come out of them next day. Next day take sprouted Raggi, wash it and grind it with water in a mixie jar. Then strain Raggi water( Satva) with the help of muslin cloth.
Take Raggi Satva in the cooking pot, add milk, roasted and almond powder, sugar and ghee. Cook it until it becomes thick. A healthy and delicious Raggi porridge is ready to fill the baby’s tummy and make babies strong. This porridge is something that you can feed them anytime in a day.

Note: After feeding both porridge remember to give boiled cool water to the baby after half an hour . This will help baby to digest what they had in a day.

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