Gestational Diabetes (Diabetes during pregnancy)- Why It's Important to Maintain Your Blood Sugar Level

Gestational Diabetes (Diabetes during pregnancy)- Why It’s Important to Maintain Your Blood Sugar Level

During my fourth month of pregnancy itself, I got diabetes. Many said it will go after pregnancy. I was asked to take regular insulin two times a day. The doctor told me to strictly follow the diet, to eat many vegetables and little rice. I was asked to check my sugar level three times. If the glucometer reading is below 120 mg/dl 2hrs post intake of food, it’s normal. Normal sugar level should be below 140mg/dl but during pregnancy, it should be below 120mg/dl. Fasting sugar should be between 60 to 95mg/dl.

My gynaecologist told me before only that if I don’t maintain my suger level, I may face complications during my delivery time or during the 8th month of pregnancy. There’s a chance I may have a miscarriage. I was very worried. Even during my 8th month, I was admitted to hospital to bring both my sugar and BP to normal range. However, I controlled my diet and started eating very, very less rice and carbohydrates. But even then I had to go through C-section, as I had both sugar and BP.

Happiest part is that I delivered a very healthy and cute baby on Vijaydashmi day. Maa Lakshmi has come to my home bringing lots of happiness.

One thing I want to tell you all is I was asked to take my diabetic tablets for a few months even after my delivery, but I neglected to take them as I was diabetic-free after my delivery. But I got it back again as Type1 diabeties. When I went to the doctor, she told me I was supposed to continue my tablets even after delivery, 6 months to one year according to doctor’s prescription. Now I am taking insulin daily.

Please dont neglect doctor’s advice or your daily medicine as you may end up with health issues.

Thank you everybody.

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