Hashi, the Dog and Nirvaan, Grow Up Most Beautifully

Hashi, the Dog and Nirvaan, Grow Up Most Beautifully

My baby Neel was seven days old when he brought him home from the nursing home. That day you should have seen the glimmer in Hashi’s eyes to see me return and the little mewing creature, her baby brother. Who is Hashi? She is our fur baby, an Indian breed dog who adopted us.

From the day I had conceived, well wishers suggested we drop the dog to the streets or the kinder ones told us to set her up for adoption since dogs and babies are not a good idea.
I am sure many of you share the same issue. How could we abandon someone whom we raised up with so much love and who loved us unconditionally?

We took a chance and that proved to be the most beautiful journey. When Nirvaan was still a newborn, each time he cried, Hashi would run around to find us and ask for help to soothe him. If only I could show you the restlessness and helplessness in Hashi’s eyes- no less than a concerned human sister.
At around 3-4 months, Hashi would jump around and catch her tail, lick Neel making him break into a fit of laughter. My home sounded warm and melodious with the tunes of love.

Gradually, he learned sitting up and caressing Hashi who gave him great sensory experience.
Very soon he started crawling. With his newly acquired ability, they bonded even more. Neel learned to play together, sharing his toys with his ‘Diddi'(that’s how he refers to Hashi).

My 15 month old Nirvaan now walks and runs around the house and the garden with Hashi. Sometimes they play with their balls,tug toys etc. Neel shares his food with Hashi,insists on giving her treats. It melts my heart to see Hashi licking baby brother and him caressing and cuddling Hashi, sometimes scolding me if I scold Hashi for any mischief and dare I chide Neel!

Today I saw the mellow winter sun falling like honey as both of them were basking in warmth,affection and love.
Thank goodness Hashi was there. I see a beautiful and healthy human growing up. I see a poem of love being written every day making my life meaningful and poignant.

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