Follow These Tips to Take Care of Your Baby

Follow These Tips to Take Care of Your Baby

When your little one holds your hand with his hand or fingers, it’s the best feeling in the world. When my baby wrapped around his tiny fingers around my hand, I felt calm and at peace. I love it when my baby looks into my eyes with a lovely smile on his face and holds my hands tight.

My son AviRaj Rana will turn 6-months-old on 4th April 2020. I always take care of small things to make sure he stays healthy and happy! I am sharing some important tips with all new mommies that they can follow to take care of their babies:

Wash your hands thoroughly before you take your baby in your arms. As your little one’s immune system will be still developing, germs from any source can make them sick. You can use soap and warm water, but also consider keeping hand sanitizers handy. If any guests come over and want to hold your baby, ask them to use sanitizers before. It takes some time for a baby’s immune system to develop, so it’s important that you take care to keep your baby safe. develop it in babies bodies as we all know about it how it can develop in baby’s body overtime through regular breastfeeding, vaccinations, and proper diet and supplements.

Wash your hands before touching anything that needs to stay clean, when your hands look dirty, before you prepare food, after going to the toilet, after touching a pet, when you come from outside, & etc.

Maintaining hygiene is of utmost importance. Hygiene plays an important role in boosting a baby’s health and well-being. It helps keep your baby away from harmful infections.

So follow these to keep your baby safe:-
1. Wash your Hands
2. Clean your baby’s ears
3. Trim baby’s nails on a regular basis
4. Bathe him daily
5. Keep your baby’s nose unclogged
6. Change your baby’s diapers every three hours
7. If you’re giving formula milk, make sure you sterilise baby bottles.

These are some tips that you should follow to keep your baby safe and healthy!

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