Good and Bad Habits

Good and Bad Habits

I am a mother of a 30-month-old child. She throws tantrums for every small thing. From my point of view, a child uses their tantrum as a weapon for everything they want, and if you show them a green signal at that time for such things, then it increases day by day.

So, a straightforward rule: if they want anything, consider whether it is suitable for them and, more importantly, whether you will continue to allow it in the future; only then should you proceed; otherwise, ignore them and act as if you are not listening to her or sending her a positive signal. This will work 100%, and then you will analyse they will stop showing tantrums. Please don’t say no to everything but prohibit doing such things that harm them. For example, if they want to play with water, then please don’t stop them because this is the age they will love to play with water, but it must be in your observation.

When your child throws a tantrum because they need sleep or are hungry, we must examine what they want and say yes, I understand, and give a hug, and you will see that they will settle down within minutes. Sit down with your child while they are in a good mood and tell them about the nice and terrible things they did in the late morning and evening. At the very initial stage, we have to control these things. Sometimes this kind of thing will embarrass you publicly. The fundamental reason for this is that if we are spoiled excessively, the situation will deteriorate if it isn’t controlled.
Right parenting results in well-behaved kids. And a well-behaved one will be a suitable person in future.

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