How to Put Down Your Smartphone and Have Real Conversations

How to Put Down Your Smartphone and Have Real Conversations

The age of smartphones comes with ‘N’ number of benefits, along with plenty of cons as well. One such thing ruined by smartphones is the concept of friendship. We carry our gadget buddies everywhere.Once, a couple of friends decided to hangout but there prevailed utter silence until their phones’ buzzing sounds attracted their attention. Everyone decided to look at their phones, replied to the messages they received, and had beautiful smiles across their faces. This is how sad the reality of today’s friendships is.This very instance reminded me of one such situation I had endured. I was with a childhood buddy having dinner. We were having a pretty decent chat up until her very first message buzzed. She took out her phone out, replied and then put the phone back in her bag. Our conversation continued like before but soon, vibrations, messages, and notifications flooded the air, her hands glued to the monstrous gadget and her eyes down with the occasional ‘yes yes, hmm, uh-oh and it’s ok’. I was upset, stopped talking, took my phone out and sent her a message – ‘is this audible?‘ She was embarrassed by the lack of attention she was giving me, apologised, and then we had a wonderful time catching up on different things.Why are we so fixated on our mobile phones and conversations that happen on them, than with real people in the real world? Indeed, smartphones seem to have been created to make us a lot less smarter. I wouldn’t deny the benefits of smartphones and how easy it is to start a conversation with someone; it does give us time to think about what we want to say and makes us feel more prepared. Friendship via the digital world is also very pleasant and emotionally comforting.But friendship in person is a blessing on a whole new level and the very experience of seeing someone’s body language and expressions is priceless, and only a gadget-free real conversation can give you that.

How to Have a Real Conversation

When you are going to meet a friend, make sure you keep your message notifications on silent mode – no buzzing or tones of any sort. When you are not aware of the messages you’re getting, you won’t be compelled to look at them. If an emergency arises, people will call and not text.Keep special notifications for people in whose case emergencies can be expected; for example, your babysitter. So calls from them can be heard whereas every other casual call goes silent and can be attended to later.Everyone should have a ‘no phone session’ everyday for a few hours, especially when it comes to meeting with friends.We all know that the person sitting opposite to us is giving us their valuable time and many of them may have played a big part in making us who we are now. Thus, due respect should be given to them by paying them complete attention.So put that smartphone away, grab a few good friends, have real fun, make wonderful memories and have heartfelt conversations.

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