Why Dads Should Help in Taking Care of the Baby

Why Dads Should Help in Taking Care of the Baby

I am a mother of a two-year-old girl. As a new mother, I want to share my experiences of the initial months when my daughter Sharon was born. We tend to worry about taking care of a newborn and in the process, we expect a little help from our husband. For mothers it’s natural, we sense when the baby needs to be fed or changed or picked up in the arms, we know it. But most of the time our husbands doesn’t.

I remember when Sharon was born, she had chronic colic pain and would cry for hours. I used to sit carrying her in my arms all night and my husband would sleep calmly. It was not because he was not concerned. It was just that he didn’t know what to do.

So one day, I told him that I can’t manage all alone and I need your help; he agreed. Fathers are not instinctive like us; they need to be told. Give responsibilities to your partner so that he spends more time with the baby. Allow him to bathe the child or take her out for a walk. This will help the baby understand that Dad too can give love, care and support to her.

Encourage him to make the baby sleep. For new fathers, it’s a really tough task, but this will help them understand the baby’s mood swings and behaviour. Moreover, he will be aware of the things that can irritate the baby.

Gradually he started feeding the baby, changing diapers and soothing the little one. All of this didn’t come in an instant but slowly.

I want to tell all new beautiful mothers out there that talk to your partner about the help you want because they don’t know what you need. Educate them and slowly, it will come across because fathers are not born.
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