Baby Saftey Tips at Home – Small Things That Matter a Lot

Once you have a baby in your house, the way you clean your house permanently change. Suddenly the new responsibility of parenthood will make you take extra caution and care for the little one. A few tips and a little bit of time make sure that your little one is safe in home at all times. A basket is really good for keeping baby toys, things and it saves some space. Clean floor is the second necessary thing. Kids are going to be spending time on the floors. Try to keep sharp things away from baby because they have their taste buds active and they have tendency to use them frequently. Keep all hazardous liquids like cleaning agents and acids out of reach in a closed cabinet. Also at this stage, your little munchkin has an eagle eye. Things you miss might be noticed easily by them. So make sure you pick them up and take extra caution with stapler pins, safety pins etc.

Make sure you wash their hands and feet when they come back from outdoors. This will inculcate a healthy habit in them.

Change the clothes once they return from outdoor. Keep them away from diapers as much as possible. Encourage them to have habit of doing it in lavatory.
Dental hygiene is also equally important. You should start brushing teeth as early as possible. Make sure they drink water after every meal and clean their teeth post every meal.

Nail trimming is another important thing as they are the harbinger of many germs that can affect your child’s health greatly. Make sure you trim them every week for both hands and feet.
Next comes hair. Clean them twice a week as dirty scalp can lead to serious infection and early hair fall. Itching and painful wounds can come up if ignored.

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