Tips for Easy and Healthy Breastfeeding for New Mothers

Tips for Easy and Healthy Breastfeeding for New Mothers

Hello, new parent. Welcome to motherhood!

A woman goes through several stages when she bears a child. After pregnancy and childbirth, the next phase, nursing is also a concern for many new mothers. If you are worried about your baby’s feeding and about your breast milk supply, you will find these tips pretty useful to feed your newborn in a better and healthy way.

1. For Breastfeeding Issues Soon After Delivery

Most of the mom’s won’t produce milk as soon as they deliver. Please wait for a week, and then try these easy ways to begin breastfeeding.

  • Have a glass of milk thrice a day, keep your body hydrated. Have a healthy and nutritious diet.
  • You may consult a lactation specialist for solutions to produce milk supply.
  • Breastfeed your baby frequently to increase the milk flow.
  • Think positive thoughts while you feed.
  • When you are ready to feed your baby, just give light steam to your breasts so that the milk flow will be easy.

2.  For Low Breast Milk Supply

Of course, your decision is right. If you experience a low supply of breast milk, you can switch to fixed feeding. Some may think babies will not latch to breastfeed once they are switched to bottle feed, but that is not the case. If you have a feeding schedule, this will not happen. Nonetheless, here are some tips to help you manage bottle feeding and breastfeeding.

  • Use feeding bottles your baby is comfortable using.
  • Keep a proper feeding schedule. Maintain a certain time gap between feeds. Every bottle feed should have a time gap of 2-3 hrs. In between these time gaps, breastfeed your baby so that they develop latching. The milk supply could also increase.
  • Increase the quantity of bottle feed as the baby grows.
  • A proper body massage and a warm water bath can help the baby calm down and increase his appetite.
I hope you all like my blog. I wish you all happy and healthy parenting!

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