Motherhood is Surreal and Difficult at the Same Time!

Raising a baby needs no experience. As a mother, you have this inborn quality of knowing what your newborn needs or finds comfort in, and of understanding the words that your toddler is trying to say. Motherhood is surreal.

There are so many things that happen after a baby is born. Guess what the thing is that first time moms receive the most? It’s free advice! Now, free advice isn’t really that bad, but you have to realise that every baby is not the same, and it’s up to each mom to find the exact right thing for her baby. And so, sometimes, these pieces of advice can get overwhelming and annoying.

Motherhood is a transitional process; you need to take it slow. You don’t have to know everything – nobody does! Everything is a trial and error process. Concentrate on yourself and the baby, and don’t over-burden yourself. You don’t have to find the balance between the new baby schedule and the household work so soon.

Let your body heal. Get to know your baby, and bond with him or her. Spend time with your baby, and don’t forget to take some time for yourself too. Don’t be guilty about it –  understand that it is just hormonal.

Many things might overwhelm you: lack of sleep, baby crying or whining, not being able to figure out why the baby is so unhappy or cranky, and so on. But, sit down relax your mind. It’s not that hard, in truth, to decode the needs of new born babies. It comes down to a list of 6 things – 1) hunger; 2) comfortable clothing; 3) room temperature; 4) diaper change; 5) sleep; 6) burp. Every single time that your baby cries, go over this list.

Motherhood can be overwhelming at times, but is the most magical experience of one’s life.
Don’t be worried about being a perfect mother for your child – you already are! If you like my article, please comment down below for any topics you would like me to write about. Until next time! A happy mother makes a happy baby, and a happy family life.

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