Social Life of a Mother: Two Different Cities, But Still Connected

Social Life of a Mother: Two Different Cities, But Still Connected

Tired, sleepy, messy hair, and loads of household work to do on your bucket list… The two little feet that entered your life shifted your attention to so many things instead of your career, your looks, what you want to wear, or what your mood is today.

Moving to a different city without a job in hand after your marriage is always difficult, because you leave your family, your job, your comfort zone that was present for almost 28 years, and most importantly, your best friend; a person who knows you like she knows the back of her hand.

The look on your face says it all to her. A conversation through the eyes, the horrible jokes, pulling each other’s legs, and what not.

The wishes on our bucket lists that we shares, the star gazing, our silent conversations, being comfortable with just silence around us, the moon watching, long walks… you miss everything in this new city.

Still, you maintain the long distance relationship. You still chat and miss each other for all the good things and bad experiences you get in your life.

Things change when motherhood takes away that time, as your focus shifts to so many different things. You are doing all your chores when the only thing in your head is sleep. Your long chats shift to single word conversations, but that’s okay, because you know your friend is going to understand it all.

There are times you just get an I miss you or you just send I miss you, and those three words mean so much. Those three words hold up a whole conversation even without saying a single word.

You do make new friends around, but the place which your bestie has created always stays there, though vacant, because you can’t meet each other everyday.

Your life goes on, you get busy while raising your toddler, and your social life comes to a stop.

You stroll in the parks to get your “Me Time”. But it doesn’t match your time with your friend.

Your daily conversation or the hourly conversation has turned to 2-day messages, then to weekly conversation, and then to monthly… Though, the bond is still the same. That’s the bond which no amount of distance can break.

Your friend also enters motherhood, and now she is occupied with all the stuff you were once occupied with, and the same things go on.

We are still a phone call away, we are still 2 a.m. friends, and we still inseparable.

To all the mothers out there, take out one minute in your day, and contact, call, message or just speak to your old friend, your bestie who knew you like their own. You were sisters from another mother, or you were just soul friends/mates and inseparable at one point in life, or were each other’s go-to person for everything. Trust me when I say you will feel the instant connection, the tears of happiness, or just your twinkling eyes would be a moment you will always want to capture in your mind.

Send your toddler’s pictures, show them how they are growing, show the resemblance in both of you. Share your moments, or just send a voice message because the calls are going to be missed, and they will be occupied with lots of stuff. Leave just a message stating whatever is in your mind.

Remember, your kid is going to look at you as an example of friendship. Cherish your old bond, and go through your old memories, and enjoy your motherhood. Happy mothers have happy kids. Happy parenting!

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