“NAYAB-e-INAYAT”: Daughters are the Precious Blessings to Fathers Sent from God

Sajde kiye hain Maine Lakho Duaein Maagi Fir Jake Paya hai Tujhe…

These Lines itself says a Lot. When ur prayers become blessings Daughters are born. A father shares extra ordinary bond with his female child n so as she. My husband Loves and pampers his daughter. Earlier He used to ask everyone in family to name their new born Ayat but they refused and said whenever u have one name her Ayat. And see God sent him a princess ?Ayat after a baby boy.
He used to say “Ayat meri Ayat hai,Ayat jaisa koi Nahi,ye to pariyon ki SHEHZADI,door fizaon se aayi
In my previous Article  “Ishq-e-Mehboob” I showed the Love between Me & my son Rayyan now let’s discuss father & daughter equations.
These father & daughter loves each other a lot. She is just a year old but feels his presence around her. She waits for him to return from office. After waking up before coming to me first she goes to his father & shows affection. Moves around him,calls him,shouts on him,shows tantrums to him. In return how much tired his dad is but will hold his baby the day long. That’s how fathers are.
One of his fav song for his princess which he usually sings❤️
Dekhne walo ne kya kya nahi Dekha hoga mera dawa hai ki tujhsa nahi Dekha hoga jis tarah Maine teri raah taki hai barso yun kisi ne tera rasta nahi dekha hoga…
For Ayat m sure his dad is his first Love, perfect Definition of good human & now she won’t compromise nothing less than her dad?

My experience

I relate her activities to my childhood. Like every daughter I am also my fathers Love and strength. I am more attached to my father than my mother. I am thankful to my father for Everything. I remember I used to take care of his little little stuffs. I liked to do his work. Fetching him a glass of water, polishing his shoes, helping him in paper work, teaching him how to operate smart phones and so on. And my father has pampered me a lot. Today also we share outmost understanding. I am still the same for him Being a mother of two now.

Why Daughters are BLESSINGS to Fathers?

Because A man seems capable of more human emotions with his daughter than he will ever share with anyone else.
These girls are the shehzadis of house. They spread fragrance of their Love Joy and Humour. They radiate positive energy. They are the powerhouse. When dad treats them as princess they feel their dad to be a King. They are one who unites the house with their strength put colours to their lives and bond them with creating happy memories. They are not less. Their is saying…
Sabke mokaddar me kahan hoti hain betiyan
Ghar khuda ka jo pasand aye waha hoti hain betiyan
So u lucky daddy’s u r chosen especially to have this blessing in ur life treasure them.

Father’s Role in Nurturing Daughters

Every Father should give their daughters Love Care Respect Honour & Confidence. Because they are the one who portray a man’s image in their eyes. The way they treat them behave with them pamper them reflects the beauty of Relation. They sees the image of their Prince Charming in fathers actions. They believe the very first man of their life. And from their fathers they start developing faith on other persons. Father is head of house so he should feed and educate them equally. One day they will leave their baba’s house to spread their fragrance to someone else life. Till the time they are with u make them feel special because they are the valid reasons to live. How much far they go but u will be always in their prayers. Daughters are the keys to open the door of heaven. Make them capable enough to achieve each and every thing they want in Life.
And we believe….
Ek farz mila hai to use Dil se nibha Lo
Beti ko Mohabbat se Dilo Jaan se Paalo
Beti pe to Jannat ki Zamanat hai khuda ki
Ye bojh nahi hai ye Amanat hai khuda ki
Beti ki Mohabbat se Mehekta hai Gharana
Beti he dilayegi tumhe Jannat me Thikana
Beti to hai Ek Anmol Kazana.. dear fathers Love them well! Feed them well! Educate them well!
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