Motherhood and Me

Discomfort in every sense of the word. noises of groans, screams, shouts.everything jumbled up in those unforgiving hours of excruciating pain I thought would never end and had my mind so firmly resolved never to be in that situation to visit that room again ever.

Then  all of a sudden the pain and all else stopped with the sound of the very first cry that penetrated right into the heart. They held it up and showed me her tiny face the most amazing sight that transported me right into another world so strange, almost unreal and ethereal where such a thing as sweet is most likely to have come from. There and then with the sudden overwhelming gush of inexplicable emotions, I understood that I had entered into the world of motherhood, where life begins a new, with so much deeper meaning and purpose I had never known before.

I remember often feeling utterly naive and confused during the first few months of sleepless nights and rest-less days..nevertheless, it was quite clear to me how and why mothers don’t give up. Yes.its the love for the child the strength and courage that renews with every smile, every sight, every being of her child.

Then before long I turned a new chapter, realised parenting isn’t about picking and choosing at all. you just have to accept and embrace all contents of the package. Yes, I’m talking about raising your kids. I remember with regret the remark I made to a lady years back about the need to teach and discipline her child who had pushed down the rack in our kitchen balcony thereby breaking all of the flower-pots placed on it. She must have felt so bad already even without the unnecessary remark. Now, being a mother raising my children and trying my best at it, in the struggle, strength and energy that the task demands every day I guess I have sweated enough to shed off my opinionatedness and judgementality over people. Now its a view of the world and of life from a different angle and so a whole different perspective.

Lately i’ve had a lot of well-wishers both at home and at work commenting and advising me on my weight and my looks…i am grateful for their concern. however, honestly after nine years into motherhood with four wonderful kids.I have been so used to and fallen too much in love with life’s simple joys and pleasures as just having my kids around me. listening to their voices and laughters..checking into the Firstcry app once in a while picking out cute attires for them etc. that being just the right size nor being fashionable has fallen far down in my priority list. As long as I am presentable and live with these sweet little people who loves me in whatever shape or size I may be in, I know i’m fine and happy.That’s all that really matters.

I thank God for having blessed and gifted me with this precious gift of motherhood. its never ending surprises with new lessons to learn everyday,taught and learnt with the gentle touch of sympathy,empathy and deeper understanding of life of humanity.

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