S.O.L Over L.O.L! Why Just Laugh Out Loud and Why Not Scream Out Loud?

S.O.L Over L.O.L! Why Just Laugh Out Loud and Why Not Scream Out Loud?

It is easy to say but difficult to implement

These words might seem very familiar, many of you reading this post might be even thinking so but trust me I have brought it to implementation, and it is possible.

We all have this very anger, the frustration which we don’t know where to show.. it sometimes comes out as a quarrel with mother-in-law or as an argument with our spouse or by hurting our very little kids.

The frustration of a criticism by mother-in-law even after working so hard, making food for their relatives who show up from no where or the taunt made by our spouse for every little mistake, which we would normally term as human error or our kids one of whom breaking things and the other eating things which they shouldn’t be .. and yet people expect us to face all of this with a smile

Well speaking the fact it is not possible.. and hence all of it makes our life miserable..
And so I used to do something called crying because I have heard people say crying helps us to feel our burden little less.. but to speak the fact IT JUST MAKES IT WORSE .. it just fills in so negativity and makes us feel so sorry for ourselves giving us time to think of all the negative things happening around in our life..

Then one day this magic happened where my son was making all possible mischief, my other kid was pulling my hair, and my husband was complaining about something, and my mother-in-law was asking what’s for dinner. I was about to hit my kid and just before doing so I made tight fists not to beat my kid and screamed out right there to myself and not on anyone else…

Well, it was odd… All got startled.. but it didn’t bother me.. because I was feeling so so very good. I took in a deep breath and felt so relaxed and sorted out all the four issues one by one with no sort of stress on my face.

That is when I realised that screaming DOES help.. and I do it even now. But not when around people .. I do it when I am alone. You could try out this one for yourself and do let me know in the post if it did the same magic for you too… if not is there anything that I could help you out within this matter.

Good luck to the ones trying it out.

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