A Baby is God's Blessing

A Baby is God’s Blessing

It’s said that marriage is a bond of love and trust. However, I did not know that in order to bond with your partner you have to use money. In today’s world, counting money has taken the place of counting shared smiles between a husband and a wife. Overlooking this behaviour, I welcomed the happiness that God blessed me with after a month of marriage. Ignoring everyone’s advice to end the life of this blessing, I nurtured God’s child in my womb with deep love and care, struggling against all odds like not getting food to eat and the continuous torture, with hopes that the would-be-father would never leave our hand. Who knew that when the baby in the womb should be hearing his father’s voice, he would be punished inside because of his father’s decision to beat the mother, ignoring the fact that there is a life growing inside her womb.

I was puzzled by all this and even though I couldn’t see the baby, I could feel the bond being built with him. It started with fighting against the violence caused by the father of the child in the last month of my pregnancy to delivering my child and running from one place to another in search for justice. Facing all of this within the first year of our matrimonial bond, and being an only child of my parents, I kept on fighting for the child by lodging an F.I.R. against the father. I thought about the possibility of an emotional bond between the father and the child and decided to call the father who preferred making money over his responsibility to come and meet his child.

Six months later, I have the blessing of God with me in my lap, and the child’s father has become blind in his quest for money. The arm that he fractured has healed, the marks of his cruelty on my face have gone and somehow I have forgiven him for his acts of violence on his pregnant wife when I needed him the most.

But, how would I justify his unfaithfulness towards his own child? Was being a biological father his only responsibility? From being a single child to an emotional wife and now a mother, all this happened to me in a span of a few months. The answers are pending, my heart is heavy, my eyes have tears, my breath is silenced by a pounding noise. Who knows where this will end and where will life begin.

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