Baby Vaccination - Can You Avoid Them?

Baby Vaccination – Can You Avoid Them?

Hey new parents and soon-to-be parents, all of us are sailing in the same boat of childcare with happiness, curiosity and questions about the new life that we have brought into this world. Our baby is so small and so helpless and we are the ones who have to support that newborn. Mind boggling, it is!!

New parents are happy and on the seventh heaven and then they get to know about vaccinations. Vaccinations are something which some people have different ideas about. Let’s understand why and how vaccinations help our children grow up to lead a healthy life.
In the earlier days, we used to lose a lot of lives due to diseases like small pox, measles and even polio. Even if someone survived such diseases, they had some or the other residue of the disease in the form of deformity. That gives us the importance of  vaccination which helps us grow disease free!!
As soon as a child is born, doctors talk about vaccination, why? When children are just born, they don’t have the immunity to fight infections, small or big alike. Small infections like common cold, runny nose, stomach flu, etc are not life threatening. But, serious infections like polio, measles, need vaccines to prevent them.
Next question, do babies feel pain due to so many needles stuck into their bodies? Answer is no, initially, babies are not that sensitive to pain. As they grow, they develop pain sensitivity and understand the prick. Then why do they cry? As we hold them a little tighter than usual, they feel something different is going to happen, so they cry. Human development is so fascinating and complex, babies do understand everything you tell them and they recognise all different touches and voices. Interesting, isn’t it?
So, my dear new parents and soon-to-be parents, get your child vaccinated as per the schedule and watch them grow happy, healthy and naughty!! Yes, it’s overwhelming to see such a small baby being pricked with needles, but remember, its for their own good, their own healthy and happy lives!
Happy parenting!!
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