Tips to Help Your Little One Take His First Steps

Tips to Help Your Little One Take His First Steps

That feeling when your little one comes waddling towards you with that sweet smile and with a feeling of pride cannot be explained in words. Walking is one of the biggest milestones, and it gives your baby a feeling of independence.  Every mom wants her baby to walk before he turns one. Here are a few tips that might help you encourage your little one to take his first few steps.

1. Ready or not

First, we need to be sure if your baby is ready for it. Are his leg muscles strong enough? Is the babysitting on his own? Is he able to stand holding on to furniture around the house? All these will strengthen his muscles and make him ready for that first step.

2. Encourage him

Try out different activities to build confidence. These are a few activities to help him overcome his fear. Arrange chairs in a queue, one beside the other, and use one of his favourite toys to help him walk, holding onto the chair. Watch him smile once he is able to grab the toy. Slowly increase the gap between the chair and let him cover the gap.

3. Place things at the appropriate height

Keeping stuff your baby likes to get a hold off at appropriate height to help him challenge himself to stand and grab it. This develops his muscle strength.

4. Say ‘good job’

When your little one is trying to take that first step, always show your excitement and happiness by clapping and boosting him by saying ‘GOOD JOB baby.’ Though it’s too early for him to understand your language, your expressions are enough for him to understand that he is doing the right thing.

5. Use a soft mat

Laying a soft mat around the room might help your baby overcome any fear of getting hurt.

All the best, moms and dads. This is an important milestone, both for the parents and the little one. Enjoy every moment!

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