I Had an Inter-Caste Marriage – This Is My Story!

I Had an Inter-Caste Marriage in India - Here's The True Story!

I had an inter-caste love marriage. My husband and I are from different states and we had different cultures. I was very happy that I was getting married to the person I loved, but I was worried also about all kinds of things and situations I might have to face because of the inter-caste marriage. Luckily, God has been great to me and I am thankful to him for the same. By the grace of almighty, I got a gem of a husband. He always supports me, be it in front of his family, in the kitchen chores, and in every sphere of life.

When we had our son Rishaan, before delivery, I worried about how things will go after having him as I was a first-time mother and how will I handle everything, but things worked out just fine. Even after researching enough about pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy phase, we feel nervous and there is no way around it.

My main concern was how I would handle all the responsibilities. I wondered if my husband would help me the same way he did before I was pregnant. But all my doubts were put aside from the day I got to know I was pregnant, or rather “we” were pregnant. From the day, we came to know that we were expecting a baby, my husband was more excited than me.

Yes, every ‘father-to-be’ should be excited and my husband was excited too. He downloaded all pregnancy-and-baby-related apps on my smartphone as well as on his phone. The way he cared for me only increased and he loved me even more. He took care of everything, from my meals and exercise to weight and maternity clothes. I was so relaxed and happy to see him so excited and responsible. My husband is emotional yet he does not express it. No one gets to know what he feels (this is the case with most men). He is that person who never gets angry or furious about little things.

The nine months passed soon enough and we had Rishaan. When we held him for the first time, we were very happy and there were happy tears in our eyes. I had a C-section delivery, and so I had to take care of my diet. Generally, what happens after the birth of a child is that all the attention and focus shifts from mother to the baby, and I thought that would happen in my case too. But by God’s grace, my husband focused on me as well as the baby. He took care of me, my diet, and my sleep. He used to wake up during nights to attend to the baby’s needs so that I could get sleep. Surprisingly, he has learned a lot about how to handle a newborn and I love him even more now. He did the shopping for our baby beforehand. From clothes to feeding bottles to oil – he did his research and bought everything necessary.

Time flies, really! Our little one is 2 years old and till date, my husband is still helping me out in all the chores. He completes me and he doesn’t make me feel that because I am a woman, I should do all household chores. I feel proud to have married him – it was the best decision of my life. My husband is always there for me; he takes care of me and loves me. He is the ideal husband and ideal father for my baby. My son and I are lucky to have him in our lives! I am sure one day, my son would happily say that his father has taken care of him just like a mother does!

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