The Struggle Is Real, Managing as a Mom and a Wife!

The Struggle Is Real, Managing as a Mom and a Wife!

Motherhood can be overwhelming. When a woman becomes a mother, she goes through a lot of emotions and changes. She puts on her best, so that she can be the best mother, but she wants to be the best wife as well. This creates a lot of fuss that needs to be balanced between both roles, because we are left with hardly any energy when we are playing the role of a mom.

However, it is important to look into both the roles equally, because husbands also need attention, and it is a key point to a happy marriage.

Here are a few helpful tips to manage as both a wife and a mom:

1. Take time to pamper yourself first. If you are happy, you can keep others happy. Your body, your skin, and your soul need your time.

2. Use the time when your baby is taking his nap. This is the best time you can use for the things you may not be able to do when the baby is awake!

3. Keep your love life healthy. Remember, if your husband is happy with you, he will be around you for the household work as well. Happy husbands are always happy to help their wives.

4. Note the time table of your baby. This will help you to plan your day well according to his routine.

5. Make your husband’s favourite dinner whenever you get the time.

6. It’s okay if your house is messy. Don’t be embarrassed for this! Perfect moms have messy houses, as they are always busy with the kids.

7. Try video calling your husband when he is out for work to show him the baby.

8. Give your husband small surprises. It can be a good candle light dinner, a romantic night, or a glass of wine.

These are a few useful tips to balance your life as a mom and as a wife.

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