How I Dealt With Inadequate Breast Milk Supply As a New Mom

How I Dealt With Inadequate Breast Milk Supply As a New Mom

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A lot of new mothers struggle with the problem of inadequate or zero breast milk production. Knowing the importance of breastfeeding the baby for at least the first six months, I had many apprehensions going on in my mind. The moment my little angel got into my arms, she learned her first feeding lesson with lightning speed and would latch on for hours which made me believe that she was getting enough milk. Four days passed, and on the fifth day after giving birth, my baby’s skin turned yellow! As we were worried, we contacted the doctor who confirmed with a blood test that she was suffering from jaundice, which is very common in newborn babies these days, and one of the reasons is inadequate milk. (The doctor had observed that my baby’s stomach was completely flat).

We were advised to leave her in an incubator. My heart just melted seeing her alone in the incubator box for hours. The thing that hurt me the most was the thought that I wasn’t able to produce enough milk for my baby which is one of the reasons for her suffering. I started hating myself and cried a lot. I was prescribed tablets for myself (for milk production) and would feed my baby with both my breastmilk and powder milk. Though she recovered in a day and was doing well, I still felt bad deep inside and wished I could give her enough milk. As days passed, my baby started refusing powder milk. I was relieved that she was now able to get enough feed from me (I was still taking the tablets for milk production). I gradually stopped taking the tablets as suggested by my friends. I also started drinking milk thrice a day along with 4 slices of bread per each glass of milk. This worked like a miracle for me!

The below changes helped me increase breastmilk production naturally-

a. Replacing regular white rice with millets and brown rice.
b. Including vegetables like carrots, beans, spinach, raw papaya in my diet.
c. Including chapatis more than 4 times a week (as I am a South Indian and am more inclined to rice).
d. Adding sesame seeds, garlic, fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, and oats to my meals.

Above all, keeping in my mind that I have to feed my baby, I began to eat more than usual which helped me immensely. In fact, the more I ate, the more I saw an increase in milk production. I’m still following the same and am doing great till now. As new moms, we have a lot of questions and concerns. If there are reasons that are out of our control, there is no harm in opting for formula milk. But I want to convey that waiting with patience and following a proper diet will definitely help us, and thus our baby.

Hope these tips help all the new moms around. Just cheer up and enjoy every moment of being a mother. The more we smile the more we see it’s reflection in our little ones.

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