How a Mom Manages Her Twins Single-handedly

How a Mom Manages Her Twins Single-handedly

a. How are you managing twins, when it is a roller coaster ride for me taking care of my little one?
b. You have a bumper offer- 2 kids! It must be exciting, right?
c. How do you feed them both at once? Do they sleep at the same time?

Like every other mom of twins, I went through all these questions and many more.

The First Three Months

Life has never been tougher than this stage. People think that for a new mum of twins, happiness should overpower every bit of difficulty. But believe me, it surely is difficult, feeding two, getting their sleep routine set, understanding their tummy troubles, hunger, sleep issues, etc. Thank God, for the first few months, babies are breastfed. This act alone reassures a mom about her babies’ health.

If you are not breastfeeding, do not be guilty of giving formula milk. It is okay.
For all the tough times, for all the sleepless times and all the foods you couldn’t give now, you will surely compensate for it later.

Four to Eight Months

You anticipate this stage because many say that babies will understand a sleep routine after three months. It didn’t happen to me, though. I had to make both my babies sleep thrice a day plus at night, which is eight times in total while soothing them with breastmilk and some music. Nothing made them sleep by themselves; I had to make them sleep somehow. And of course, I had to feed them both one after the other, every two hours. People told me that every difficulty I was now undergoing would disappear, once they turned one. I started enjoying and pulling through the tough times when my babies starting communicating.

This stage may be a big relief to mums, but who knew there’s one more challenging task- introducing solid food! I thought it would be more manageable, once I introduced solid foods (solids stay for a longer time in their small tummies as compared to milk obviously, thus giving us mums some much-needed buffer time between feeds).
Then started the numerous attempts to make different kinds of sounds at home. My dad turns on the musical toys and entertains the babies, while I feed each one. The most challenging part is not making them eat, but to make them stay still so that I can feed!

Eight Months to 15 Months

However difficult it may be, you start enjoying those moments when your babies try to walk with their tiny little feet. You turn into a great singer at this stage, and you’re undoubtedly a bigger fan of rhymes than your child because you start enjoying them more than the baby does! You watch your baby clapping her hands while you sing, and not to forget, how proud daddy is when he tells his friends and family about all the things his baby does. Moms, be proud, you taught your baby all of that.

There are milestones, but there are also difficulties with twins. Over time, everything will be okay because it is you after all, and babies know one thing – Mommy will surely figure a way out.

Every kid is different, and every mom’s experience with their kids is different. Likewise, the effort you put in and the happiness they bring all differs.

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