Not Having Expectations, Yields Positive and Beautiful Results

Not Having Expectations, Yields Positive and Beautiful Results

Complications are part of pregnancies. Some may face only a few, while some have to fight them every day. Lucky are those who give birth without any complications.

My struggle began in December 2014 when I lost my first child during the seventh month of pregnancy, due to complications. My blood pressure was high due to which I was hospitalised and got discharged after ten days. A week later, I went for a check-up and found out that the baby’s heartbeat was missing. The same story repeated in 2017 with more complications, and several days spent in the hospital. Everything seemed to be normal until one scan showed that blood wasn’t passing from my arteries to the baby’s heart and I had to go through the traumatic situation losing another child. All I heard since 2014 was that while I was fit and fine, all these issues were pregnancy-induced.

I didn’t give up and tried again in 2019. I had been told on the very first day that I would have to face all the issues again because my pregnancy was a high-risk one due to my previous history. I have faced more complications, to the point that I had to be hospitalised for two months. Even the doctors said they tried everything medically possible. The only thing left was that I had to struggle immensely to bring a healthy child into this world. I was not allowed to get off the bed during two months of hospitalisation, that was as good as being in jail. Even my doctor kept count of the number of days. I had only one thing in my mind since day one, that I will not give up till the end. One day, all of a sudden, the labour pains started, and the next morning I had my little girl in my arms. 2019 was very crucial but blissful. Never lose hope and be strong to handle everything that comes your way.

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