Giving Time to Your Husband While Taking Care of the Baby

Giving Time to Your Husband While Taking Care of the Baby

Both mother and father love their baby equally. First-time moms spend a lot of time with their baby and husbands admire their wives even more when they take care of their baby so efficiently. Before the birth of the baby, it’s only you and your husband and an addition to the family is a big change for you as well as your husband. When the baby is born, a woman’s attention shifts from her husband to her baby. However, husbands require that love and compassion too. They remain silent and let you do your job. But a woman should try to balance both her husband and baby.

Here’s what you can do to give time to your husband –

1. Take help of your parents while taking care of the little one. I’m not suggesting that you depend on them but just take some advice and time. In that time, you can talk to your husband and ask him about how he feels after the arrival of the baby, and what are the changes he sees in you after the baby’s arrival.

2. Try to work together as a team while building up your new family. You can ask your husband to massage the baby. I used to do that. Skin to skin contact can strengthen the bond between baby and daddy and dad’s are extremely good at it.

3. Whenever you get time especially in the first 3 months, you will crave for sleep and may not have enough time for your husband. Let him know how you feel in those moments. If you are tired, have body pain, or are feeling low, you will expect your hubby to understand you without you telling them, but that’s not true. But men are bad at it usually, and they would want you to speak about the problems you are facing.

4. Do go out on weekends with your husband and your little one, once you feel your health has improved and your baby has adjusted well. This will strengthen the family bond and will help you feel good about yourself. I hope these tips that I tried will help you build a happy family.

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