Happy Parenting: My Personal Experience About the Feel of Motherhood!

Happy Parenting: My Personal Experience About the Feel of Motherhood!

Being a mother is something special, is what I’ve been hearing since my childhood. People used to shower extra care and words of willingness for my cousins who were expecting mothers. I used to wonder, are they super women? Why do people protect them so much? Isn’t this a normal thing that everyone does after they get married?

These questions I kept asking myself were finally answered when I first lifted my baby in my hands, and in all the moments before that – from the time I found out I was pregnant, till my baby was born. When it was confirmed that I am going to become a mother, I was shocked and surprised to hear it. It took 3 months for me to accept the reality that I am so. The pregnancy had not been planned, which was the reason for my shock.

I was the so-called notorious kid when I was young, who was now pregnant and a mom-to-be, and was being asked to follow certain daily routines and discipline! I used to feel, do I really need to do these things? Why are they so concerned about each and every activity I do? Then, I realised that it’s because the activities are reflected on my baby. From the first day of my pregnancy till being a mother, everything I do will have a reflection on my kiddo.

And I wonder, nature is amazing, wow. You can’t really explain it with words. It might sound odd, but the truth is that there’s something mysterious and magical in every moment, and every woman should experience it, as well as enjoy every second of being a mother. The moment your baby smiles, the face before she starts crying, the moment the person who brought you into this world (your mother) and the person you brought into this world (your baby) smile, play, and giggle together to remind you of your own childhood days… I am living and loving these days of my motherhood, and enjoying it to its fullest. Yes, giving birth to a child is not just about being a mother or father – it’s about being a parent, and practicing HAPPY PARENTING.

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