Your Child Is Your Reflection, So Practice What You Preach!

Your Child Is Your Reflection, So Practice What You Preach!

It’s often heard a strict mother is good mother…so are lenient mothers bad? Children learn by observing things around them, they become what they see, listen & act the way we conduct ourselves around them.

Is there a way to determine what is the best possible practice in upbringing your little ones?

See this illustration:

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I have this fear that if we fail to raise him right at this stage then it will have a huge repercussion on him future. So I become the nagging mother, who is constantly poking her nose (with pure intentions of his goodwill) in smallest of tasks he does, my husband has named me “helicopter mom” because of this. This doesn’t end here, one day I insisted my husband that we should try to follow all the knowledge. I have read online about the authoritative approach, but soon we realised there’s no black and white in parenting…its always grey! As much we want to reason with our son, its practically impossible to explain him consequences every time.

So we moulded the theoretical gyan to our practical lives. It made our lives much easier. Now we try to make him an all rounder but we never force our desires upon him. We just try and reason with him that he should try everything once, if he is scared of us, we try to make him face it, because if something instills a fear inside him, it should be curbed out with immense love and support from us at this stage! Later he’ll learn to fight on his own. Similarly, if he is disappointed or frustrated by several trials and not succeeding (yes such feelings are there in a 2 year old too!) We hold his hands and work with him on it, and when he succeeds ,we clap and say very good in acknowledgement. It boosts his confidence a lot and it reflects in his personality too!

Because when a baby is raised with not just love & care but equal amounts of teaching what is right & wrong and never give up attitude, he/she shall grpw up to be a healthy person not just physically but mentally too!

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