How and Why to Include Green Vegetables in Babies’ Food

I am Madhu, mother of a 2.10 years old baby and a doctor and an ophthalmologist by profession. As a doctor, I meet parents of young kids everyday complaining about the dietary habits of their children. 95-96% of these parents say their children don’t eat vegetables and they believe it’s their kids’ problem.

And this is exactly where I differ. I believe it’s the parents’ duty to instil right dietary habits in their children. I can tell from my experience that a mother should start giving vegetables from 6 months of age. Mix them in khichadi. Make your khichadi more colourful by putting beans, cauliflower, carrots, capsicum, etc. These colourful veggies will make the khichadi more palatable visually. Start giving vegetables in the same way that you cook for yourself with roti or paranthas in soft form and make sure your child sees them and also tell them about what they are eating, familiarise them with vegetables. Show them that you too are eating vegetables and tell them they are yum. Do inform them about vegetables in a more fun way. Try to give vegetables in different ways. its not necessary that they eat a bowl full of vegetables in one go. The important thing is that they eat them. Don’t sugarcoat vegetables or make them look like toffees as they wont help you in the long run.

If they start seeing veggies on a daily basis in their food from a very young age, then they wont have problems in older age. But yes, cook vegetables in a less spicy and oily way, but pack them with lots of yum flavour. This has worked in my case and touch wood, my son eats every possible vegetable. Remember that green leafy vegetables are one of the most essential food for our eyes. They are packed with vitamins which play an essential role in keeping our eyesight perfect. And don’t use mobiles while feeding your child.

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