Thyroid, PCOD - Getting Pregnant and Giving Birth Vaginally to a Healthy Baby

Thyroid, PCOD – Getting Pregnant and Giving Birth Vaginally to a Healthy Baby

Hi, I am Shabnam, 26 years old and blessed with motherhood even with complications like thyroid, PCOD and the consequent weight gain and irregular periods.

I had irregular periods ever since I was a teenage girl. In my bachelors, I was a foodie – I especially loved stuffing myself with sweets all the time. One laughing incident was that I used to sleep during my lectures – that too sitting in the front! It was difficult for me to lead a normal life and do things like walking, eating, sleeping and reading. For each and every simple thing, I would push myself. These were all thyroid symptoms I wasn’t aware of. In my final year, suddenly one day, so much blood came rushing out during my periods, it felt like there was a tap opened! That was the first time I was admitted to the hospital that detected my thyroid. After 2 years, I got PCOD. There were cysts in my ovaries.

Weight became a serious problem in my life. I gained almost 20 kg within a year. My life became complicated. I was always scared about infertility. I got married in 2017. With my husband’s support, the right treatment and changing my lifestyle (losing 8 kg), I could conceive easily.

Even after delivering a girl child, however, I was facing struggles with thyroid and PCOD. I took it as a challenge to myself to live a thyroid-free life. Now, my aim is to cure my thyroid and my irregular periods without medication. Today, my thyroid is depleted and waiting to nullify which was told in medical terms, ‘not curable’. I am happy and confident, from being a lazy girl to a responsible mother. I am living and loving my new active life with my baby, from feeding to potty training. It’s a wonderful journey. Every body is different. We ourselves should take a step to understand the goals of a healthy and happy life.

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