What It’s Like Being the Mom of a Boy

What It’s Like Being the Mom of a Boy

A daughter is her mom’s best friend and her dad’s little princess (I know I am my parents’ too)! But a son is his dad’s MVP for life and his mom’s true love. The purity of a son’s love for his mother is complete and uncomplicated! Here, I want to write about what it’s like being the mother of a boy.

  • It is, first and foremost, an honour, because it gives you the opportunity to raise men. It gives you an insight into a man’s world; it helps you understand how they see and interact in society.
  • It is an adventure because every day is a new challenge dealing with this little energy monster! Everything is higher- activity levels, hunger, humour and love. You will forever be low on energy running after him.
  • It makes you comfortable with risk and less afraid of the unknown. A son will always be one leap away from an injury!
  • You have to come to terms with feeling both braver and more terrified than you ever thought possible. He is an explorer and climber, always up for causing trouble.
  • It is unpredictable! Just when you think he’s the toughest, roughest kid, he will surprise you with the softest word or the kindest act that will melt your heart! The sweet snuggles and sloppy kisses are the bestest!
  • Dressing up boys can get frustrating! Unlike the girls’ section which is utterly adorable, the boys’ section is smaller, with a limited colour palette and the same old clothing options; you really have to brainstorm so that his next look doesn’t look too mundane!
  • He is your knight in shining armour! No matter how tiny he is, his protective instincts are always there to keep me safe from all harm! Oh boy! My husband can never dare to mess with me when my munchkin is around!
  • Your house will never be a quiet place ever again; it will always be loud unless he’s sleeping or outside! Neither will it be clean! Boys have a unique skill of creating a mess in every corner of the house, especially if you are expecting guests!
  • You are going to watch him race his cars, build & crash those blocks, play cricket in the dirt and then in the evening, calmly watch TV with grandparents and later take his favourite toy to bed to sleep! He can be destructive or creative, all depending on his mood!
  • Being a mom of a boy makes you realize how pathetic all the gender stereotypes are! Worrying about raising them in a world that thrives of toxic masculinity, asking them to man up and choke up those tears – no more! Teaching them emotional intelligence and seeing them display emotion with understanding and compassion is an important part of motherhood. It’s up to us to try and dismantle this culture that breeds unhealthy hyper-masculinity amongst men!

As I raise my son, I am forever conscious that I am raising a little man, striving to do a better job at it and setting a better example! So to all the new-age moms raising sons, I am so proud of you for the efforts you are putting into your little fellas’ upbringing. And to the moms of all the gentlemen we have around us, thank you for doing such a good job!

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