Work-Life Balance is a Struggle of Mind

Work-Life Balance is a Struggle of Mind

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I am not saying that we cannot find a balance between work and life, but it doesn’t come easy. Better work can bring a better life and this will always be parallel. Work should be priortized to get a balanced life.

Nowadays, all jobs require us to work extra hours rather than just productive hours. In such scenarios, we have to adapt to work environment in order to be happy always and feel lively at the workplace (and not look stressed).

One must feel happy about their work. They should feel a sense of contentment while doing their work, and it can be any work: from household work to office work. Once a person is happy about their work, their life is cheerful and welcoming.

Life is beautiful when you work for it. I have seen daily workers enjoying their lives and work and an IAS getting frustrated with his work and life. I think it is all a game of mind. Relax your mind and you will see both work and life as simple as never before.There is a myth to create balance between life and work actually we have to create balance between your mind and heart to get what you want and to do what you want to do so that your life becomes greener.

In my day to day life, I have met people who are so stressed. When I reach out to them, I realise that they are finding an escape to create a reason for their discontentment. In office, they say to their colleagues that they are unhappy due to family issues and when they reach home, they say that they have lots of pressure in office because of which they are mentally tired. Now, just realise this situation has happened to all of us at some point. Who is responsible for your disappointment – is it you or your work or your life? Think about it and you will have the answer and you will work towards making your life better!

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