How to Preserve the Freshness of Fruits and Veggies During Lockdown

During this lockdown period, we try and stock up to avoid going to the grocery stores multiple times a week. Here are some methods and procedure to store your groceries to last longer without losing their freshness

1. POTATOES, SWEET POTATOES, GARLIC, AND ONIONS must be stored or kept in a cool, dry place with a good flow of air must be ensured. Please avoid keeping in refrigerator. If you have bought a high quantity, then make into healthier snacks like chips. If you have more onion and garlic, along with lemon and vinegar, make into a homemade pickle.
2. GINGER has immunity-boosting properties. You can dry ginger in the sun and powder it to ensure it lasts for a longer time.
3. CORIANDER LEAVES AND MINT LEAVES can be dipped along with their stems in water and be used by regularly changing the water. They will be fresh for two weeks without refrigeration, and you can later make salads, tea, soup, or dips out of it.
4. ORANGES, BANANAS AND APPLES can be kept fresh by placing them in a bowl in room temperature for a week.
5. BANANAS can be turned into milkshakes or cakes.
6. UNRIPENED MANGOES can be folded in newspapers to ripen and become sweet.
7. OILS can be stored in dark areas where light can’t penetrate and also be stored in dark coloured bottles.
8. NUTS can be stored in airtight containers in a dimly-lit place
9. EGGS can be stored in the refrigerator. To check the freshness, slowly put them in a glass filled with water. If the eggs drown, they are new. Eggs can be made into cakes or biscuits.
10. TURMERIC POWDER can be added to milk every night for antibiotic and immunity-boosting properties.
These tips have successfully helped me during this lockdown. So try, these little things to avoid unnecessarily stepping out to the grocery shop.

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