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The world is getting exposed to various cultures in recent years. This exposure has made people appreciate and inculcate good things from other cultures. Similarly, the west has been exposed to the Japanese culture and its uniqueness. Young parents nowadays have developed a great appreciation for the beautiful Japanese names, especially those for baby girls.

Japanese names for baby girls are mostly bright, lively and sweet with beautiful meanings derived from nature and spirituality. Japanese parents take naming their daughters very seriously. Not only the name has to be meaningful, but it should also have a sweet sound. Japanese ensure their monikers are beautiful, meaningful and auspicious. That’s why these names are gaining attention across the world. Parents with beautiful daughters want to give their daughters a beautiful name which has a deep meaning, sounds sweet and also works as a blessing for her.

100 Best Japanese Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Parents in the west are appreciating Japanese names for baby girls as most of the Japanese names are fashionable and rooted in their culture. The Japanese names are structured by combining kanji characters (spellings). The name written in different kanji or spelling has different meanings; thus providing limitless possibilities of different meanings for a name. This versatility and uniqueness make Japanese names adorable to young parents.

Most Popular Japanese Girl Names

Every parent wants to choose a popular name for their daughter. Choose a name from the list of delightful Japanese names given below:

Name Meaning 
Akari Akari is a Japanese origin name meaning “light” or “brightness”..
Akira Akira is one of the famous names in Manga and video games. The Japanese name means “clear” or “bright”.
Amaya Amaya meaning “mother city” or “night rain” is a beautiful Japanese name for females.
Aoi Aoi is one of the cool Japanese girl names. The name means “hollyhock or althea”.
Ayaka The Japanese name has a different meaning according to the kanji used. The elegant name means “colourful flowers”.
Chia Chia, is a Japanese name meaning “a thousand loves”.
Cho This short and innocent-sounding name of Japanese origin means “butterfly” or sometimes “dawn”.  The beautiful name is usually given to baby girls born at dawn. The variations of the name are Choko and Choyo
Emika The Japanese name Emika means “blessed beautiful child”.
Erika Erika is a Japanese name meaning “scent of the blessed pears “or “fragrant pear”.
Hana Hana is the Japanese moniker of the biblical name Hannah. The beautiful name meaning “flower” has a variation in Hanae.
Himari The Japanese name Himari means “is sun”.
Hina Hina a beautiful Japanese name means “light,sun,vegetables”.
Ichika Ichika is a popular Japanese name meaning “one thousand flowers”.
Kanako Kanako a popular Japanese name means “child of great blessings”. The elegant name can also mean “child of music” with a different kanji.
Kanna Kanna in Japanese means “summer waves”.
Kei The short and sweet Japanese name means “blessing; square jewel”.
Kiaria Kiaria or its popular alternatives Kiara or Keira are popular Japanese names meaning “fortunate”. Its short and sweet form Kia, is also very popular.
Koharu Koharu is a Japanese name meaning “small; heart;spring/summer”.
Kokoro Cherry blossoms are famous in japan, so is this name Kokoro meaning “heart; mind; soul”.
Mai Mai is one the common names in Japanese. This adorable name is very popular and means “dance or genuine love”.
Mayu Mayu is a Japanese name meaning “true or gentleness”.
 Mio This short and sweet Japanese name means “beautiful cherry blossom”.
Misato Misato is popular Japanese which means “beautiful” or “beautiful knowledge” or “beautiful village”.
Miyu Miyu can mean both “beautiful moon” or “beautiful connection” and “beautiful kindness”.
Moe This innocent Japanese name, Moe refers to feelings of affection.
Nozomi Nozomi is a Japanese name meaning “wish” or “hope” or “heart of hope”.
Niko This cute Japanese name means “daylight”.
Rina Rina is a short and sweet Japanese name meaning “white jasmine”. Its diminutive form Rin means “dignified”.
Saika Saika is one of the common Japnese name meaning “vividness” or colourful flower”.
Suki One of the familiar Japanese name outside Japan, Suki means “to like”. This beautiful name is also used to say “to love”.
Tsumugi Tsumugi is a beautiful Japanese name meaning “spinning”.
Tomiju Tomiju meaning “wealth and longevity” is a unique name.
Yasu This beautiful name Yasu means “peace” or “quiet”. The other variations of the name are Yasue, Yasuha, Yasuko, and Yasuno.
Yua Yua is an affectionate name in Japanese meaning “bind; love or affection”.
Yui Yui is short and cute Japanese name meaning “love; gentleness”.



Unique Japanese Baby Girl Names

A unique and meaningful Japanese name is the perfect gift for life for your beloved daughter. Choose one from the below list of unique names we picked up for to gift your baby daughter a name that she shall love and treasure throughout her life:

Name Meaning
Ai Ai is one of the uncommon names in Japanese meaning “love”. The other variations of the name are Aina, Airi, Aiko and Aiho.
Akasuki Akasuki is a unique Japanese female name meaning a “bright helper”.
Aki The unique female Japanese name Aki has many variations Akie, Akiha and Akika. The name means “clear; crystal” or “autumn” and mostly is the name of the females born in Autumn.
Akina Akina, a unique name for females in Japanese means “spring flower or spring leaves”.
Aya This beautiful Japanese female name means “beautiful” or “beautiful” or “brilliantly coloured flower or a fragrant flower or brilliantly colourful summer”. The name has other variations such as Ayae, Ayaka and Ayako.
Ayame Ayame is an elegant Japanese girls name meaning “flower”. The name is the Japanese variation of Iris. The other variation of the name is Ayameko.
Azumi This cute Japanese name for girls means “safe residence”. It is perfect name for a sweet and beautiful girl baby.
Bachiko Bachiko of one of the rare Japanese girl names meaning “happy child”.
Chiho Chiho meaning “beauty of a rice field” or “beauty of field of rice”. The other variation of the name is Chihoko.
Chika This female Japanese name meaning “wisdom; intelligence” is perfect virtue name. The other variations of the name are Chikaho, Chikayo and Chikako.
Chinami Chunami is a unique Japanese girl’s name meaning “a thousand wisdom; intelligence”.
Egao Egao is a unique female name of Japanese origin meaning “smiling face”.
Etsu Etsu is one of the uncommon Japanese name meaning “delight”. The name has other variations such as Etsuko, Etsuno, Etsumi and Etsuyo.
Fuji This female name of Japanese origin means “dweller near the river where wisteria grows or a symbol of filial piety”. Fujie and Fujiko are other variations of the name.
Fumi The female name meaning “history” is a unique Japanese name. The name has several variations are Fimie, Fumiho, Fumina, and Fumiyo.
Haru Haru is a unique girls name in Japan meaning “Spring; sun” or “clear weather”. Girl child’s born in spring are usually names Haru. The variations of the name are Haruna, Haruno, and Haruyo.
Hatsuka Hatsuka is a beautiful name which is usually used for baby girls born on the first day of the month. The name means “beginning; summer”.
Hikari Hikari is a beautiful Japanese female name meaning “light or sunlight”.
Hiro The Japanese name meaning “abundant” or “magnanimous or generous” is perfect for a beautiful and kind-hearted female. The other variations of the name are Hiroe, Hiroha, Hiromi and Hirona.
Ima Ima is a sweet yet unique Japanese name meaning “present; now”. The other variations are Imae, Imako and Imayo.
Ine Ine is a beautiful female name meaning “rice plant” or “young stalks of rice”. The name connotes or signifies a nurturing character of a female.
 Isamu The unique Japanese name for females, Isamu means “brave” or “vigorous; robust; energetic”.
Jin Jin, a sweet and short Japanese name means “quiet; benevolence”. It is a perfect name for females signifying their gentle and tender nature.
Jun Jun is a lovely name for females in Japanese. The name means “pure” or “simple”. Other variations of the name are Junka, Junko, Junna and Junri.
Kaede / Kaeda Kaede or Kaeda is a Japanese female name meaning “maple leaf”.
Kagami Kagami meaning “mirror” is a perfect Japanese name for a clear-minded female.
Kama Kama is a Japanese name meaning “metal pot” or “sickle”. It is an occupational name-giving tradition originated in the peasants to indicate the future occupation of their children.
Kazu Kazu is a virtue female Japanese name meaning “harmony, peace”. The name can also mean “first”. Other variations of the name are Kazuna, Kazuno and kazuyo.
Kiku Kiku is a name associated with the month of November. The name meaning “chrysanthemum”. The flower of Chrysanthemum symbolizes nobility and sun.
Konomi Konomi meaning “small child” has other meaning like “beloved” or “good luck” or “reward” or “success”.
Koume Koume is a beautiful Japanese name meaning “little plum”. Plum blossom is symbolic for endurance against opposition of cold winters as they bloom in harsh climates.
Kuni Kuni meaning “country-born” is the perfect Japanese name for the females born in the country.
Machi Machi is a name like a blessing as it implies long life or fortunate life. The Japanese name means “true happiness”.
Ume Ume meaning “plum” or “plum blossom” is a beautiful Japanese name. The name symbolises the wifely fidelity and devotion to her family. The name is also a symbol of perseverance when facing obstacles s the plum tree blossom in cold winters.
Sakura Sakura is the one of the most famous Japanese name meaning “cherry blossom”. The auspicious name symbolises prosperity. Other variation of the name is Sakurako.



Beautiful Japanese Girl Names

A beautiful Japanese name for your cute princess is the perfect gift for life to your beautiful daughter. Choose one of the names we have listed for you to gift your daughter a lovely, charming and affable name that shall endear her to the ones surrounding throughout her life:

Name Meaning
Ayako  Ayako is one of the pretty Japanese girl names meaning “writings, child” or”kimono design”.
Ayumi Ayumi is a beautiful female Japanese name meaning “sweet fish”.
Azami Azami is one the beautiful Japanese girl names meaning “flower of a thistle”. The thistle flower is a symbol of defiance in Eastern mythology. The name is perfect for a brave and beautiful girl.
Chitose Chitose meaning “ascend with the strength of thousands” is a name signifying blessings of parents for their daughter to have a long life and her descendants also have an unbroken line for thousand years. Its popular variation Chiyo is one of the traditional names for females in japan meaning “thousand generations”.
Chizu Chizu meaning “a thousand storks or cranes” is a unique Japanese name. The name is meant as a blessing for long life as cranes have a long life so thousands of cranes result in very long life. Its variations are Chizuka, Chizuko and Chizumi.
Fumika Fumika is a Japanese name for girls meaning “history; record” or”beautiful”.
Fuyu This Japanese name means “wind; help of god” or “winter”. Other variations are Fuyuka, Fuyuki, and Fuyumi.
Gen This is one of the short names for girls in Japanese meaning “spring; origin; source”.
Hana Hana means “bloom; blossom or flower”. Its variations are Hanae, Hanaka, Hanako, and Hanayo.
Hatsumi This beautiful Japanese name means “beginning of beauty” or “firstborn beauty”. Hatsumi refers to a beautiful girl child who is firstborn.
Haya Haya is a Japnese name for girls meaning “quick; nimble”. Its variation is Hayaka.
Hideka Hideka meaning “excellent; superior” is a Japanese virtue name. The variations of the name are Hide, Hideko, Hidemi and Hideyo.
Hisa This name means “enduring; long-lasting; long sustained”. The name has many variations such as Hisae, Hisako, Hisami, Hisano, and Hisayo.
Iku Iku is a unique Japanese name meaning “nourishing; sustaining”. Its variations are Ikue, Ikuha, Ikuho, Ikuka, Ikuko, Ikumi, Ikuna, Ikuno, Ikuo, and Ikuyo.
Ishi This elegant Japanese name for girls means “stone”. The virtue name connotes a female with firm and dependable character who can endure anything. Variations of the name are Ishie, Ishiko, and Ishino, Ishiyo.
Iwa Iwa is name perfect for a strong character girl. The name meaning “rock” signifies strength of character.
Kai This is one of the Japanese girl names that start with k meaning “shell” or ocean” or “restoration”. The variations of the name are Kaiko and Kaiyo.
Kame The elegant Japanese name Kame means “tortoise or turtle”. The name symbolises a long life. The variations are Kameko and Kameyo.
Kane This Japanese name means “metal; gold; money”. The variation to the name is Kaneko.
Kata Kata is a Japanese name for girls meaning “form”.
Kimi Kimi meaning “upright; righteous” is the perfect name for the unique female.
Kishi This cute name means “night “ or “beach; seashore” in Japanese.
Kiyo Kiyo is a girl’s name in Japanese meaning “purity” or  “happy generation”. The name connotes a female with a happy and pure life which is scandal free.
Kuma Kuma is a Japanese name for girls meaning “bear”. Bear is a symbol of strength and symbolises maternal love and devotion for her children.
Manami Manam is an elegant name which meaning “love; affection; beauty”.
Masa Masa is a sweet Japanese name meaning “ture sand”. The name has other variations such as Masako and Masayo.
Michiko Michiko is a sweet name meaning “beautiful; wise child”.
Mizuki Mizuki meaning “beautiful moon” or “water moon” is a beautiful Japanese girls name.
Ruri Ruri meaning “lapis lazuli” or “emerald” is a Japanese female name symbolizing being protected. It’s variation is Ruriko.
Sara Sara is one the beautiful Japanese names that start with s. The name means “happy; pure; soul”.

Every parent wants a beautiful, sophisticated and graceful name for their daughter that embraces her beautiful, delightful and noteworthy personality. Most parents are well knowledgeable about the world and different cultures, so their name keeping is not restricted to their own culture or language. Embracing other cultures by the way they name their baby girls is their way of showing that the world is one big family. So, picking a beautiful and meaningful Japanese name will enhance their daughter’s personality and create a sweet impression throughout her life. Happy naming and we wish all the happiness in the world for your little one.

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