Top 70 Arthurian Legend Names for Boys & Girls With Meanings

70 Arthurian Legend-Inspired Names for Boys and Girls

Many times, parents pick baby names that they have heard in a story, which gives the baby’s name a unique meaning and background. The legendary Arthurian story has many heroic names for both girls and boys. In this article, we bring you a list of sweet baby boy’s and girl’s names with Arthurian references.

35 Arthurian Names for Boys With Meanings

Your baby should have a unique and nice name. And if you want to name your baby boy something which has a reference from the Arthurian legend, here is a list of 35 Arthurian legend names for boys:

1. Aballach

The name ‘Aballach’ is a male name which means ‘father of the mother’.

2. Aglaral

The name ‘Aglaral’ is an old Arthurian name which means ‘brother of Percival’. It is another boy name that is quite well-known.

3. Agravain

‘Agravain’ is an Arthurian character who was the song of Morgan and, hence, the brother of Gawain. He was the first person to have discovered the truth about the king’s gender.

4. Albion

Albion is a male name that was used in English to refer to an island. But its importance in the language has slowly faded.

5. Alexandre

This is the name of an Arthurian character, the nephew of King Mark. The real meaning of the name is ‘the defender of man.’

6. Alis

Alis was the brother of Cliges in Arthurian literature. He vowed to stay unmarried but later broke his promise and married a girl.

7. Amr

Amr was the son of Arthur. This is a male name that has a rich history behind it. Amr was killed by his father and buried in a tomb.

8. Bagdemagus

In Arthurian stories, this name has huge importance. Bagdemagus was the father of Meleagant.

9. Balen

Balen was the brother of Balaan in the Arthurian reference. But the real meaning of the word is ‘being brave.’ Hence, this is another amazing option to name a baby boy.

10. Beaumains

This is a male name and the meaning of this name is ‘white hands’. It is a rare and beautiful name and, hence, had to be on the list.

11. Bedwyr

Referring to the Arthurian legend, this is a baby boy’s name which means ‘the Excalibur to the lake’s lady.’

12. Cabal

‘Cabal’ is a male name which means ‘Arthur’s dog’, according to the Arthurian reference.

13. Cadwallon

‘Cadwallon’ is an amazing male name and, as per the Arthurian reference, he was a king in the seventh century.

14. Cafall

‘Cafall’ is also a male name that is quite popular. Cafall was referred to as the dog of Arthur.

15. Calibom

‘Calibom’ is also a male name and, according to Arthurian literature, this referred to the sword of Arthur

16. Calibor

King Arthur’s sword was referred to with different names, one of which was this. It is a male name.

17. Calibum

This is another name for the sword of Arthur and is an amazing boy name.

18. Calogrenant

This is a male name and has huge importance in Arthurian literature. Its meaning is ‘a knight.’

19. Camelot

In Arthurian literature the name of Arthur’s castle was ‘Camelot.’ It is a boy’s name.

20. Camlann

The last battle that Arthur fought was The Battle of Camlann. This is an amazing name for baby boys.

21. Caradoc

‘Caradoc’ is an Arthurian name which in ancient Arthurian literature was the name of the son of Brann.

22. Cath

‘Cath’ can also be the name of a baby boy. It is the name of a monster in Arthurian literature.

23. Catterik

It is the name of a battle in Arthurian literature and can also be a modern boy name.

24. Dagonet

This was the name of the fool of Arthur. This is one of the most-liked Arthurian names.

25. Dinadan

Dinadan was a friend of Tristan. It is, again, a sweet-sounding male name.

26. Dnias

Though Dnias was a murderer in Arthurian literature, this one makes for a sweet baby boy name.

27. Dristan

Dristan was a wise advisor to Arthur. And with a decent meaning, this also makes for a good male name.

28. Drudwyn

Drudwyn is the name of a knight. It is an easily pronounceable and sweet-sounding baby boy name.

29. Drystan

With a different spelling, this is also the name of the advisor to Arthur.

30. Ector

Ector is the name of the father of Arthur and is a lovely baby boy name.

31. Elyan

Elyan is a boy name. As per the Arthurian reference, the name has its origin in the Aelier family.

32. Galahad

Galahad is a boy name that means ‘pure and noble’. As per the Arthurian reference, it signifies the knight who was able to seek the Holy Grail.

33. Hector

Hector was the foster father of King Arthur.

34. Kay

‘Kay’ is a boy name and was also the name of a knight of Arthur’s.

35. Launcelot

‘Launcelot’ is a boy name. It is quite a well-known name in the Shakespearean drama and means a knight who passionately loved Queen Guinevere.

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35 Arthurian Names for Girls With Meanings

If you are looking for girl’s names from Arthurian legend reference, look no further. The following names listed are a few meaningful Arthurian baby girl names:

1. Acheflow

This name has originated from the Arthurian legend. The name means ‘white flower.’

2. Angharad

This is a female name. Referring to Arthurian literature, Angharad was the female who loved Peredur.

3. Anna

This name is coined for the daughter of Igraine and Uther, and the sister of Arthur. It is a female name with an Arthurian reference.

4. Belakane

‘Belkanne’ is a female name that has an Arthurian reference. This is the name of An African queen and imparts a powerful impact.

5. Branwen

This has various spellings and pronunciations. Branwen, the daughter of Llyr, became a bird and was considered to be sacred.

6. Cotovatre

This is a baby girl’s name and is also the name of a lake in Arthurian literature.

7. Clarine

This name has Arthurian importance, as she was the mother of Lancelot.

8. Clarissant

This is another exceptional Arthurian name that means ‘bright.’

9. Crisea

This is the name for King lac’s wife. This is one of the amazing Arthurian baby girl names.

10. Elaine

This is a girl’s name which means ‘a girl with a legend legacy.’

11. Eleine

This is a sweet girl name which means ‘bright’ or ‘heavenly.’

12. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a beautiful female name. The name holds an impact which states that ‘The Almighty is all the abundance of the world.’

13. Elsa

Elsa was a girl who was rescued by a knight as per the Arthurian Legend.

14. Enygeus

Enygeurs is also an Arthurian name that refers to Percival’s grandmother.

15. Enid

Enid is one of the names that compliment every girl. It has a vintage legacy in Arthurian literature.

16. Esclamor

This is an amazing girl name which means ‘nature lover.’

17. Ettard

This name was the name of the lover of Paellas.

18. Ettare

‘Ettare’ was also the name of Paellas.

19. Ettarr

Paellas’ lover is also named with this word.

20. Floree

‘Floree’ means a flower. According to Arthurian literature, this was also the name of Alain’s daughter.

21. Guanhamara

This name was the name of the queen of Arthur.

22. Gwenddydd

Gwenddydd was the sister of King Arthur.

23. Gwendolen

Gwendolen can also be an amazing girl name. She was the lover of Merlin.

24. Gwenhwyfact

This was the name of the sister of Guinevere.

25. Helsin

The mother of Launcelot was referred to by this name.

26. Herzeloyd

This was the name of the mother of Percival.

27. Igerne

This was the name of the mother of Arthur.

28. Isoude

This was the name of the mother of Tristan.

29. Lausanne

‘Lausanne’ was the other name for Lake Geneva.

30. Lidoine

This was the name of the daughter of Cavalon.

31. Lyonesse

Lyonesse was the name of the wife of Gareth.

32. Morgawse

This was the name of the sister of Gawain.

33. Nimiane

This name means ‘the lake’s lady.’

34. Nimue

This is also another name for the lake’s lady.

35. Nyneve

Nyneve means ‘a girl.’

These are some interesting and heroic names for both boys and girls from Arthurian literature. Here’s hoping that you can easily pick a name for your little one with this amazing list of Arthurian names for babies.

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