Ava Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Ava Name Meaning and Origin

Ava is a name from the medieval age that has seen a sudden increase in interest and popularity in recent times. The name is primarily used for naming girls; the name is the perfect fusion of an archaic name with a modern sound, making it a favorite among new parents.

What Does Ava Mean?

Ava is a name that has significance across multiple languages and cultures. While the meaning of Ava in Latin can be translated to “Blooming” or “Birdlike,” the Hebrew translation means “Life.” These translations specifically imply the name as a diminutive of Eve or Eva, making the name of immense significance as per its Biblical mention and connotation. It is thus a timeless name bound to hold significance and importance even in the years to come.


Ava is presumed to originate from Germanic roots, dating back to the Medieval Age, and can be presumed to originate from “Aval,” meaning “guarantee.” The Latin “Avis” could also have been an inspiration for the name. This justifies why the name is associated with the connotation of being “birdlike” in Latin. Ava can also originate from the Hebrew Havva, a derivation of Hayya, which denotes “life” as per the Hebrew roots.




  • Ayy-Vha
  • Eh-Va


2 Syllables


3 Letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Since the actual roots of the name cannot be accurately determined, there are multiple spellings for Ava across other cultures and languages. Some of these Ava name variations include:

Name Origin
Eva Hebrew
Eve Latin
Aviah Hebrew
Evie English
Avalon Celtic
Aveline Ancient
Avis German
Avila German
Evy Latin
Evah Hebrew

How Popular Is the Name Ava?

The popularity of Ava within the US has been incredibly positive, with increasingly more parents choosing the name for their children. Ava’s baby name ranking was at 180 in 2000, as per SSA records. However, since 2000, Ava’s popularity has increased significantly, entering the top 100 names within just two years and the Top 40 names just the year after.

According to SSA records of babies for each year, the name has maintained its position as one of the top 10 names preferred names by parents. It reached the ranking of 3 in 2016, continuing until 2020 as per the latest statistics. This sudden popularity of the name is expected to continue in the future, especially owing to its ancient and cultural connotations. However, the similar name Avah is considerably less popular, garnering a rank of 655 in 2020.

Interest in Ava – Worldwide

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The interest trend for Ava has been consistently popular as per global searches over the last decade. While Ava recorded the lowest search popularity at a considerably high 45 in January 2012, it reached 100 in December 2020, followed by 99 in September 2020.

Interest in Ava – US

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The popularity trend of the name Ava in the US has been more volatile than a considerably steady growth in popularity recorded worldwide. The lowest popularity was recorded in 3 months in 2011 and 2012; however, Ava recorded the highest popularity in December 2020 at 100.

The Popularity of the name Ava 

URL: https://www.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/babyname.cgi

Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Ava – Worldwide

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The name has been the most popular in Brazil, recording a popularity index of 100. It is followed by Belgium, Chile, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Taiwan, rounding up the top 5 countries where the name is the most popular.

Search trends of Ava – US

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Concerning the popularity of Ava in the sub-regions of the US, Missouri generated the highest popularity at 100. It is followed by New Jersey, Rhode Island, Arizona, and Hawaii to complete the top 5 sub-regions.

Middle Names That Go With Ava

Choosing middle names for a particular name is crucial to ensure that your child has a name that sounds as beautiful as it means. Here are some suggestions for double names with the first name Ava:

Mae Rose
Jade Marcella
Leigh Selena
Grace Leah
Marie Paige
Rue Chantel
Faith Chloe
Daisy Brooke
Skye Lillian
Sofie Renee

Famous People Named Ava

Popular personalities help make a name more popular, regardless of how old-fashioned it may have seemed otherwise. These popular personalities are just some of the people with the name Ava that can inspire you to choose this name for your precious angel:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Saint Ava Roman Catholic Saint
Ava Gardner American Actress
Ava Barber American Singer
Ava Max American Singer
Ava DuVernay American Film Director
Ava Locklear Daughter of American Actress Heather Locklear
Ava Elizabeth Philippe Daughter of American Actress Reese Witherspoon
Ava Astaire McKenzie Daughter of American Actor Fred Astaire
Ava Ayala (White Tiger) Character in Marvel Comics
Ava Ohlgren American Swimmer

Similar Names & Last Names

Similar baby names like Ava with similar meanings provide you with many options to go unique. This is also crucial if you don’t have suitable family names for Ava or want a more suitable one. Here are suggestions for some other names for Ava that have an equally beautiful meaning:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Aurora Asgard
Anastasia Adams
Dawn Layton
Zara Lawrence
Evette Manning
Jena Mason
Aviana Newman
Tori Pebbles
Phoebe Ingram
Robin Forrest

Names That Sound Like Ava

Sometimes we prefer the way a name sounds to its actual meaning. In the case of Ava, if you find that the name is used widely but like how it sounds, here are some suggestions for alternative names that rhyme with Ava for you to choose from:

Maeve Anya
Evelyn Faye
Ada Ida
Vera Greta
Frida Ivy
Cara Nikita
Adora Akira
Jade Dora
Lia Merla
Mika Verda

Sibling Names Related to Ava

Ava’s sister names need to be as beautiful as the name itself, while brother names for Ava need to sound complementary despite the different genders. Here is a list of options of sibling names that go well with Ava that will help you ensure that all your children have names that suit each other.

Sister Names for Ava Brother Names for Ava
Breanna Jared
Julia Dominic
Peyton Liam
Blake Niall
Olivia Wyatt
Hailey Covey
Arielle Colton
Gabriella Zachary
Annette Kieran
Mia Tristan

Nicknames for Ava

Choosing a nickname for your little girl is where you can exercise your creativity to the fullest. You can toss between a nickname that is cute, pretty, meaningful, has personal importance to you, or is downright wacky – the choice is entirely yours! If you are stuck on what nicknames to choose for your little Ava, here are some suggestions:

Avvie Ava-Bean
Avie Wavy
Vivi Avo
Vay Avril
Avoo Vava
AyVay Avios
Avs Via
Avy-Baby Ava Wava
Aavi Evs
Avy-Boo Abbie

Choosing the name of your child is one of the hardest things ever! It would help to choose a meaningful name that sounds beautiful while also matching your daughter’s personality. You also need to ensure that the name stays trendy even as a teenager or an adult. While this task is a huge responsibility and may weigh you down, this list of ideas will help you determine whether or not Ava is the right name for your little angel. Even if you do not like Ava, you can choose from the many variations and alternatives given here! So, choose wisely and give a beautiful name to your princess!


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