70 Old Fashioned Names for Girls With Meanings

Ever wondered how to cherish your lovely memories of the era bygone and keep revisiting them every now and then? Choose that perfect and uncommon old-fashioned name for your beloved daughter from the vast compilation we have curated just for you.

70 Beautiful Old-Fashioned Baby Girl Names with Meanings

We have made so much progress in terms of technology and science and yet there is a sense of loss in terms of community, togetherness and everyone doing more or less the same thing. Going to Saturday night football matches and then waking up early in the morning on Sundays for the church. There was so much more to share during those days. Keep that part of you alive by choosing one from these old school baby girl names and relive your childhood. Are you going to be parents to a lovely baby girl soon? Have you been discussing what name to pick for your precious little daughter? These beautiful and unique names are old-fashioned, yet compelling, and they describe perfectly the wonderful memories that you have from the days gone by.




I t is derived from the Greek name for the marshmallow plant which was known to have healing powers. It means wholesome and “to heal”.


Alma gets its reference from the Latin version of “Alma Mater” which means “dear mother”. It’s an unique name not over-used and is very soulful.


This name is a classy retro name of Greek origin, made popular by the 4th century Dalmatian saint who was martyred. It means “resurrection”.


It is a French name derived from Angelique which has its origin as Angelicus in Latin and Angelikos in Greek. It means “messenger of god”.


Annie is a diminutive version of Anna. It means “favoured” and “gracious”.


A shorter variant of Charlene or Carlene, it means a “pledge” or “an oath”. Arlene signifies power and a sense of being complete.


Coming from a mix of French and English origin, Aubrey is surely one of the best country girl names. It means “the fair ruler of the little people” precisely the elves.


It shares a Latin origin and signifies “life”. Its deep-rooted meaning makes it a perfect choice for your baby girl.


Augusta comes from the feminine form of “Augustus”. Made popular by the mother’s name of the majestic King George iii, it means someone who is venerable or has majestic dignity.


It comes from the Latin name of Beatrix which translates to “one who makes people happy”. A baby is a bringer of joy and blessings, Beatrice is the perfect name for your child.


It originates from the French era which signifies beauty. It is also a variant of Isabella.


It originates from the Old German name Betlindis or Betlinde which means a “bright linden tree” or a “bright serpent”. It also means beautiful or “the pretty one”.


It shares a Greek origin and is derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba which means “oath of god”.


Beth shares a unique history behind it. It means “god of plenty” and it also is the name of the lead heroines of Louisa M. Alcott’s famous novel Little Women.


It is derived from the Germanic word, Blanc and has many variants to it. Blanche is one of the cute names that are still in vogue and mean “white” or “fair”.


Made famous by Walter Scott’s novel in 1822, The Pirate, Brenda was a unique name which only used across the Shetland Isles in Scotland. It means “Sword” or a “Torch”.


This name dates back to the history of the mythological Celtic Goddess known to be goddess of poetry and fire. It signifies “strength”, “valour”, “virtue”, “vigor” and “power”. It also means “the exalted one”.


Callie has a Greek origin and it means “beautiful”.


Caroline is derived from the Italian name Karl or Charles and it represents the feminine side of this name. It means strong and beautiful.


It is derived from the Caecilius, the Roman clan name, which has its base on the Latin coccus meaning “blind”. Cecilia is the feminine form of the name Cecil.


Charlie was once a masculine name but with time it has become an attractive and cute unisex name for babies. It means “beautiful” and would suit your child aptly.


It is a feminine name of Charles and means petite. The name is in vogue since the 14th century and has found a prominence in the present times as well.


Claire is the derived from the Latin name “Clarus”. It means “clear” or “bright”.


Derived from the Latin name Clarus, Clara is its feminine form. One of the most popular vintage names for a girl, it means “bright”, “famous” and “clear.


Derived from the Latin name Clarus and Germanic name expansion Clarice, Clarissa is one of the unusual baby names that has an old-fashioned tinge to it.


Coleen or “Girl” has its roots in Ireland and shares a Gaelic origin. It also means a “lass”.


Cora originates from the name Corrina or Kore and has a rich history behind it. It is a name shared by the Greek Goddess, Persephone and means a “maiden.


Cynthia is believed to be one of the names of the moon goddess who is said to have born on Mount Cynthus on the island of Delos.


Apart from being the national flower of Mexico, Dal is called a “valley” in Sweden and Dahlia is referred to be a flower from the valley.


It has its origin from the Greek world. Legend says that Daphne was a mythological nymph who was turned into a laurel bush in order to save her from the unwanted attentions, of the God, Apollo.


Short and sweet, Della is a very popular name and means noble. It is also an alternate for the name Adela, which means nobility.


Diana symbolizes the Roman Goddess of Moon and is also identified as the Greek goddess Artemis. It means divine and also heavenly.


It is a mix of French and English origins and may have been derived from the Mason-Dixon line. Dixie in common terms mean “Ten”.


Dolly is a variant of the word Dorothy. Both Doll and Dolly has been used since the 16th century and means “the gift of god”.


Dora has a Greek origin and is the shortened form of Dorothea. It means “gift”. This is a very unique name which has become a name on its own.


Edie has an English origin and means “one who is prosperous in war”. Derived from the English word “Eadgyth”, it means happy or rich in war.


Eleanor has an English origin and is derived from the Provencal name “Alienor” or Greek Helene. It means the “bright, torch, shining one”.


Eliza is a shortened form of Elizabeth which has a very beautiful meaning to it. It means “The God of plenty”. Over the 18th and 19th century Eliza had made its own name.


Elsa is a variant of Greek name Elisabeth and also the Hebrew name Elisheba. It was originally used as a nickname of Elizabeth but now it has become a given name by itself. Elsa means “Joyful”, “Noble”.


It is the feminine form of Amelia, taken from the Roman family name, Aemilius. Emily means “industrious” and “striving”.


Eugenia is the feminine form of the male name Eugene, having a Greek origin. It has a very subtle and beautiful meaning, “well born” that suits any baby girl.


The Latin counterpart of English name Eve is Eva. Derived from a Hebrew name, it means “the living one” or “full of life”.


Evelyn originates from the surname derived from the French name Aveline. It transitioned into a first name and means “wished for baby”.


It has been a very popular name throughout the 17th-century Puritans and means “unquestioning belief and trust in God”.


Fanny has an English origin and is widely derived from the word Frances. It means “free”. The fictional character in John Cleland’s Fanny Hill has made this more popular among parents.


This name is shared by the famous romance novelist of British origin, Georgette Heyer. It is a French feminine form of the Greek word George and signifies tiller of the soil or a farmer.


Gertrude shares its lineage from the Germanic name Geretrudis which means “strength” and “spear”.


It is an Italian name that has been derived from the Germanic element, gild. In English it means “coated with gold” or “gilded”.


Gladys has been taken from the Welsh name Gwladys or Gwladus. It means “royalty”.


Hannah is a Hebrew baby name which has a very beautiful meaning. It means “Favoured by God”.


Hattie has an English origin and it means “Powerful ruler or Mistress of the home”.


Hilda originally formed from the Old Norse name Hildr, means “Glorious, warfare”.


Ina means “A”. It shares a rich history with Princess Ina who was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. She became the Queen of Spain in 1906.


Iris has a Greek origin and it means “rainbow”. It also denotes iris flower or the coloured part of the eye.


It is taken from the Hebrew name, Elisheba and means god is perfection and HE is my oath.


One of the cute names, Ivy in English means “fidelity”. Back in the old days, Greeks used to give newlyweds a wreath made of ivy to symbolize their love and faithfulness towards each other.


The name Jane shares its popularity with the famous novelist Jane Austen. It is derived from the French word Jehanne and means “God is merciful”.


As beautiful as its name, Jemima has a Hebrew origin and means “little dove”.


It is a feminine form of the name Joseph and has a French connection. Josephine, the French empress was the wife of the legend Napoleon Bonaparte. It means “addition to the family”.


Julia is the feminine form of the name Julius which is a Romanian family name. As pretty as its name it signifies youthfulness.


Kathy is taken from the Greek word Catherine. It means “Pure”.


Derived from the place Kimberley, Northern Cape located in South Africa. It means from the meadows of the royal fortress.


Lillian is derived from the beautiful flower Lily. Lily denotes innocence, beauty and purity.


Lorraine is derived from the Medieval Latin word Lotharingia and means “from the land of Lorraine”.


A feminine form of the French name Louis, Louisa means “a famous warrior”.


Margaret shares its origins with Latin (Margarite), Greek (Margarites) and French (Marguerite). It means “Pearl”.


In biblical reference, Sarah was the mother of Issac and means “Princess”.


Shirley means “bright wood”, “bright meadow”. Child actress Shirley Temple shares this beautiful name.


It shares a dual origin from Latin and Italian as well and means “star”.


This name was coined by the renowned writer Marie Corelli for her book “Thelma”. It means “will”.

This comprehensive list of unusual baby names will surely make it easy for you to find the ideal name for your baby. So go ahead and pick a beautiful name for your little princess from this list of old-fashioned names for baby girls!

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