Top 100 Brazilian Girl Names With Meanings

100 Brazilian Names For Girls & Their Meanings

Brazilian girl names are very popular and well-known to the world because of their elegance and meaningfulness. Every culture emphasises choosing baby names that signify desirable human traits. While the tradition of giving names to children may differ across cultures, there are undoubtedly strong similarities, too. Brazilian names have an affinity with Latin America. Because of this relation, these baby names sound charming and have peculiar distinctiveness to them. Christianity also influences many of the baby names for girls. Choose a name you like from these carefully assorted Brazilian baby girl names.

Popular Brazilian Baby Girl Names

1. Abai

The name has an Ethiopian origin and refers to the mighty Nile River. The name is now a popular choice for baby girls in Brazil.

2. Alana

This name has a German origin, and it means ‘beautiful.’ It is a name that will suit every little princess.

3. Alandra

It is a Spanish name meaning ‘protector of mankind.’ It is a courageous name for your sweet baby.

4. Ana

Now, here is a name that you can’t resist choosing. ‘Ana’ means ‘gracious’ or ‘merciful.’

5. Arlete

It is a French name that means ‘lion of God.’ It is a commonly used name for baby girls in Brazil.

6. Arukia

This name means ‘king or earth.’ The name has a unique sound to it.

7. Augustinha

It is a Latin name for a baby girl. It means ‘to increase.’

8. Aurea

This Latin name for a baby girl refers to the Roman Goddess of the dawn. It is one of the famous Brazilian names for girls.

9. Benigna

It is an Italian name with a beautiful meaning. The name refers to a woman with a kind disposition.

10. Bosalicia

A popular name from Mexico and Spain, this name means ‘one with the nobility of a rose.’

11. Beta

It is an English feminine name that means someone who is glorious and intelligent. Who wouldn’t like to pick up this name for their daughter?

12. Belmira

A feminine name from Columbia, Belmira means ‘beautiful voyage.’

13. Benedita

This name means ‘a blessed woman.’ Choose this name for your baby girl and let the blessings of God always remain with her.

 14. Berta

It is a German name that refers to a woman who is intelligent and glorious.

 15. Canciana

Although, this Italian name merely means ‘belonging to Anzio, Italy,’ it is the sound of the name that is appealing.

16. Clara

It is a Latin name that is derived from the word ‘Clarus.’ It means ‘bright or clear.’

17. Daiane

This beautiful name for girls means ‘someone clever and beautiful.’ With these two virtues in her name, your daughter will always remain happy.

18. Dylla

We, as parents, always wish our daughter to grow up as an independent individual. This beautiful name means ‘a self-reliant individual.’

19. Diolinda

It is a common Portuguese name for baby girls, and it means ‘beautiful God.’

20. Fernanda

It is a German name and a feminine form of ‘Fernando.’ It refers to someone who is adventurous.

21. Gilma

This name has a Portuguese origin and refers to a ‘forward-looking person.’

22. Glaucia

It is a beautiful name with a sweet sound to its pronunciation. It is derived from the Latin word, ‘glaucus,’ which means ‘bluish-grey.’

23. Gabriela

This name has a Hebrew origin. It is a Biblical name that also finds a mention in the New Testament. It means ‘God-the powerful.’

24. Gardenia

This beautiful name for Brazilian girls means ‘garden flower.’ Your daughter is undoubtedly one.

25. Isis

The origin of this name is not known, but it’s a name that’s picking up the trend in Brazil. It means ‘mother of all lives.’

26. Izabel

It is a Portuguese name for baby girls, meaning ‘God is bountiful.’

27. Joaninha

It is a devout name with a Portuguese origin. It means ‘God is gracious.’ Show your gratitude towards the Almighty with this name.

28. Jacey

It is a Native American Indian name meaning ‘beautiful.’ It is a meaningful, short, and crisp name for your girl.

29. Jaida

The name is of Hebrew origin and refers to the precious stone jade. The name means ‘the knowing one.’

30. Jennifer

It is a German name, and ‘Jenny’ can be the perfect nickname for this. It means someone who is fair.

31. Kacey

It is an Irish name that means ‘brave’ or ‘watchful.’ As your daughter grows, this is one trait that you will like to have in your daughter.

32. Lorena

It is an Italian name for baby girls and is derived from the ancient Roman word ‘Laurentius.’ However, today the name means ‘crowned with laurels.’

33. Lara

It is derived from the Latin name ‘Laura.’ It means ‘bright and famous.’ The name originally comes from the Romans.

34. Miciela

This pretty name means ‘a blessed gift from God.’ Who wouldn’t agree more to this?

35. Maria

It is a Biblical-Hebrew name. It is a variation of Mary or Miriam. It means ‘wished-for a child.’ It is a name that is popular across all cultures.

36. Noemia

It is a Portugal derivative of the name ‘Naomi.’ It means ‘pleasantness.’ It is an appropriate name for baby girls.

37. Olivia

It is a Portuguese name that originates from Latin. It means ‘from the Olive tree.’

38. Pietra

This Italian name means ‘the rock or stone.’ The name is originally from Greek. Will you like your daughter to be strong as a rock?

39. Quevedo

It is a name that has a Spanish descent. It merely refers to a ‘person from Quevada’

40. Quintilo

It is a name derived from the Latin name ‘Quintus.’ Traditionally the fifth born child was given this name. It may also mean ‘born in the fifth month.’

41. Sabelly

This Brazilian name is derived from ‘Isabella.’ It means ‘God is my oath.’ It is a holy name for your baby girl.

42. Sabrina

It is a Latinised form of a Celtic name. There can be several variations of this name. The name simply means ‘a river.’

43. Tais

It is a short, unique name meaning ‘beloved.’

44. Talita

The name is a variation of ‘Talitha.’ It means ‘a little girl.’ As you will hold your baby in your hands, this name will resonate.

45. Tania

It is originally a Russian name that means ‘fairy queen.’ The name has now become common in Latin America. Consider it a short form of ‘Tatiana’ and a variation of ‘Taniya’ or ‘Taniyah.’

46. Uiara

The name has a Brazilian origin. Consider it a variant of the Portuguese, Spanish and English name ‘Iara.’ Although, a little difficult to pronounce, the name means the water lady.’

47. Uxia

The name has a Galician origin. It means ‘well-born’ or of ‘noble origin.’ It is a classy name for your baby girl and sounds different, too.

48. Vitoria

It is a Latin name and is a variant of the name ‘Victoria.’ It means ‘victory.’ A suitable name for your baby girl as you would always want her to be victorious throughout her life.

49. Xoana

It is a unique Brazilian name for a baby girl. It has a Galician origin and it means ‘God is Gracious.’

50. Yuliana

Another famous and meaningful name from Latin America, Yuilana, means ‘youthful.’ Give your daughter the grace of youth with this name.

Unique Brazilian Baby Girl Names

These unique Brazilian girl names will certainly inspire you to select all unique things in life, especially when it comes to your daughter.

1. Somoche

Somoche is a unique girl’s name which means ‘distinguished woman.’

2. Lani

Lani is a cool and unique feminine name, meaning ‘one who brings peace.’

3. Socorro

Socorro is a religious name which means ‘help.’

4. Ludmila

Ludmila is another unique and stylish name that means ‘loved by the people.’

5. Ida

Ida is a sassy German origin name, meaning ‘a hardworking woman.’

6. Morena

Morena is a known Brazilian name for girls that means ‘the tanned woman.’

7. Mucamutara

This name is certainly unique and rare, as it is no longer used these days. Mucamutara is referred to a person ‘born during a war.’

8. Janaina

As per the traditions of Candomble, an African-Brazilian religion, Janaina refers to the goddess who represents the divinity of the sea.

9. Telma

Telma is an adorable girl’s name, meaning ‘lovable.’

10. Arlette

Arlette is a wonderful-sounding Brazilian name, meaning ‘lioness of God.’

Common Brazilian Baby Girl Names

We say, don’t judge a book by its cover. These common Brazilian baby girl names are time-tested and worth giving to your child.

1. Alexia

Alexia is a common and still popular girl’s name derived from the Greek name Alexander. The name means ‘defender of men.’

2. Aline

Another from the saviour family, Aline is a popular and common Brazilian name, meaning ‘a noble protector.’

3. Barabara

Barbara is certainly a pretty and commonly found female name which means ‘stranger’ or ‘foreign.’

4. Bianca

Of Italian origin, Bianca is a swoon-worthy name, meaning ‘white.’

5. Brenda

Brenda is a pretty common girl’s name found across the globe. The old Nordic name stands for ‘sword’ or ‘torch.’

6. Carla

Carla is a sweet-sounding girl’s name, meaning ‘free woman.’

7. Carolina

We are pretty sure that you must have heard of this name plenty of times. Carolina means ‘free man.’

8. Cristina

Parents of faith can consider this name an option if they are looking for a Biblical name. Christina means ‘follower of Christ’ or ‘anointed.’

9. Giovana

Parents of faith can consider this name an option if they are looking for a Biblical name. Christina means ‘follower of Christ’ or ‘anointed.’

10. Isadora

If you have a little bundle of energy which you consider God’s most precious present, then you will probably like the name, Isadora. The name stands for ‘gift.’

11. Jessica

Jessica is one of the most common names preferred for girls, which means ‘God beholds.’

12. Laura

Laura is a sassy name with confident vibes. The name is the Latin version of the laurel plant, which symbolises victory and honour.

13. Luana

Luana is a cheerful and peppy girl’s name, meaning ‘enjoyment.’

14. Livia

Livia is an elegant Roman name believed to mean ‘to envy.’

15. Marcela

If you are looking for a powerful name for your little girl, then this Roman-origin name would perfectly suit her fierce personality. The name means ‘young warrior.’

16. Marcia

Marcia is a pretty common name belonging to the Roman God of war. The name basically means ‘dedicated to Mars.’

17. Raquel

Raquel is a popular name across the South American continent. It means ‘innocent.’

18. Renata

Renata is a stylish girl’s name meaning ‘reborn.’

19. Sara

Sara is a cutesy name of Hebrew origin. It means ‘princess.’

20. Tainara

Tainara is a pretty, native Brazilian name coming from the Tupí language. The name stands for ‘full of light’ or ‘star.’

Beautiful Brazilian Baby Girl Names

How about some adorable and beautiful Brazil girl names? Try these and pick out some suitable options and decide one a final one later.

1. Adriana

Adriana is a striking girl’s name of Lati origin. The meaning of the name is ‘one that comes from Adria.’ Adriana Lima is a successful Brazilian model bearing this name.

2. Alessandra

A feminine version of the name Alexander, Alessandra means ‘defender of mankind.’ Alessandra Ambrosio is a successful Brazilian model bearing this name.

3. Anita

Anita is an eccentric girl’s name of Hebrew origin, which means ‘grace.’

4. Beatriz

This beautiful Brazilian name is a winner! It refers to the ‘one who brings happiness.’

5. Belinda

The meaning is this beautiful name itself is ‘beautiful.’

6. Bibiana

This Latin name tugs at our heartstrings! Bibiana is a Latin origin name which means ‘the one who is full of life.’

7. Camila

Camila is an elegant and sophisticated Brazilian name meaning ‘messenger of the gods.’

8. Clarinda

Clarinda is a vintage yet elegant girl’s name, meaning ‘clear’ or ‘beautiful.’

9. Celia

Celia is a religious name of Latin origin. It means ‘heavenly’ or ‘of the heavens.’

10. Daniela

Daniela is a sophisticated and elegant name of Hebrew origin, derived from the Biblical name Daniel. The name stands for ‘God is my judge.’

Attractive Brazilian Baby Girl Names

These attractive female Brazilian names need no hype. They themselves are well popular and distinguished.

1. Margarete

Margarete is a vintage name of Latin and German origins. It is a highly respected choice among Brazilian names and means ‘pearl.’

2. Jakinda

Jakinda is an attractive and outstanding Brazilian name, referring to someone ‘who is beautiful and attractive.’

3. Efigenia

A variation of the name Ifigênia, the name stands for ‘vigorous.’

4. Eliana

Eliana is a stylish and meaningful name for girls. The name means ‘the one who belongs to the divine nature.’ So, if you want to teach your little girl the purpose of nature, this unique name will be perfect for her.

5. Flavia

Flavia is an elegant and wonderful-sounding feminine name, meaning ‘golden.’

6. Gisele

Do we see a prowess in the making? We can roll with this one! Gisele is a fierce and powerful name, meaning ‘one who handles the spear deftly.’

7. Iara

Iara is an indigenous Brazilian name that comes from the Tupi-Guarani name. The name translates to ‘the lady of waters.’

8. Luciana

Luciana is a beautiful and pleasant-sounding Brazilian name meaning ‘luminous.’

9. Patricia

Patricia is a respected and elegant girl’s name, which means ‘noble woman.’

10. Valdirene

Valdirene is a strong and bold name, meaning ‘a woman with peacemaking power.’

The common girl names in Brazil are sweet in sound and relevant in all aspects. Most of the names here have Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, or German origins. In the Brazilian tradition, baby names are a beautiful way to share the heritage and respect the culture. The baby girls’ names here symbolise the virtues of womanhood. These are expressive of the traits that parents wish to have in their daughter as she grows up.

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