Anthony Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Anthony Name Meaning and Origin

Derived from the Roman family name Antonius of Etruscan origin, the meaning of Anthony is “priceless one” or “highly praiseworthy.” General Marc Antonius, or Mark Antony in English, is a notable politician who ruled the Roman Empire in collaboration with Augustus in the 1st century B.C.

What Does Anthony Mean?

Anthony is the English of the Roman family name Antonius. The name’s Latin meaning is ‘priceless,’ Greek is ‘flourishing,’ and ‘highly praiseworthy’ in Italian. Anthony as a name has evolved in the 17th century and from the Roman family name Antonii. It is also commonly associated with Greek Anthos, meaning ‘flower,’ which added ‘h’ to its spelling in the 17th century.


Anthony is a masculine given name derived from the Roman family name Antonii. According to Plutarch, the Antonii gens were Heracleidae, descendants of Anton, a son of Heracles. It comes from the ancient Greek name Anteon, the son of Herkules. Its use as a Christian name was propagated by the 4th-century hermit St Anthony the Great, the founder of Christian monasticism in Egypt, and by the thirteenth-century Portuguese St. Anthony of Padua all across Europe. After the Roman Empire lost its power and Europe descended into the Dark Ages, these saints helped to glorify the name Antony and kept it fresh in the minds of the Christians. Later, the English name Anthony and its variants, like Tonia and Tonya, came to be used throughout the English-speaking world. Its feminine form Antonia was shared by both plebeian and patrician classes of the Romans along with the Italians, Germans, Scandinavians, Portuguese, French, and Spanish.




  • ANTH-uh-nee
  • AN-tha-nee (American English)
  • AN-ta-nee (British English)
  • An-thon-ee


3 syllables


7 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Many historic names originating in Europe found variants in various languages and cultures through a change of spellings or phonetic substitutes. Here are some of the Anthony name variations and other spellings for Anthony that may help to create trendy alternatives that might appeal to all parents:

Name Origin
Anakoni Hawaiin
Andon Mecedonian
Antanas Lithuanian
Antal Hungarian
Antek Polish
Anthon Danish
Antin Ukrainian
Antoine French
Antonijs Latvian
Antonio Spanish/Italian
Antonio Portuguese
Tone Slovenian
Toni Swahili

How Popular Is the Name Anthony?

Since the inception of baby name records in 1900, Anthony’s popularity has been consistent in the United States. From a mere 67 in 1900, it secured a position among the top 50 for boys from 1905 onwards. It was seen in the top 30 after 2000 until it peaked in 2007 and 2008, becoming the seventh most popular baby name. As per SSA data, Anthony’s baby name ranking was recorded at 41 in 2020. From 1961 to 1988, Anthony ranked in the top 1,000 baby names for girls as well.

Interest in Anthony – Worldwide

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Search trends for the name Anthony showed a consistent interest of over 20 over the last 10 years, reaching 100 in July 2011. The lowest interest was recorded at a mere 17 in November 2020.

Interest in Anthony – US

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Records of search trends for the name Anthony show a consistent popularity and interest of over 15, reaching 100 in July 2011. The lowest popularity and interest was recorded at 12 in November 2020.

The Popularity of name Anthony


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Anthony – Worldwide

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The Dominican Republic records the highest value of search trends for the name Anthony. This is followed by Puerto Rico, United States, Ireland, and Australia, who round up the countries with Anthony’s top 5 search trends. With the socio-political influence of the Roman Catholic Church and the spread of Christianity, the name Anthony became very popularly used in the Dominican Republic.

Search trends of Anthony – US

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In the US, New Jersey, New York, District of Columbia, Rhode Island, and Connecticut are the top five sub-regions where the most searches for the name Anthony have been recorded over the last 10 years. Search trends for the name peaked in July 2011 and dipped to its lowest in November 2020.

Middle Names That Go With Anthony

Middle names provide an opportunity for people to shift identities, keeps the family name going, and preserve relationships. Here are some of the potential double names with Anthony that can offer a trendy twist to the first name:

James Michael
Brian Louis
Daniel Lucas
Brandon James
Isaiah Christopher
Robert Octavious
Francisco Pedro
Arden Laurence
Carlos Bryan
Alex Alfredo

Famous People Named Anthony

Parents-to-be widely adopt celebrity names due to their fame and glamorous appeal. Here is a curated list of famous people called Anthony that will lure the limelight:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
St Anthony of Padua 13th Saint
Anthony Bourdain American Chef
Anthony Hopkins British Actor
Anthony Trollope English Novelist
Anthony Ramos Wrestler
Anthony Daniels Actor
Anthony Kiedis Rock Singer
Anthony Perkins Actor
Anthony Quinn Actor
Anthony Davis Basketball Player
Anthony Joshua Boxer
Anthony Rizzo Baseball Player
Anthony Martial Soccer Player
Anthony Denison Actor
Anthony West Racing Driver
Anthony Lee Dancer
Anthony Mackie Actor
Anthony Fauci Doctor
Anthony Alabi Actor
Anthony Hamilton Soul Singer

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby names like Anthony can have a profound impact on a child that reverberates well into adulthood. Suitable family names for Anthony can raise the status of the forename considering its ancient Roman association. Here are some of the other names for Anthony that can take to your fancy:

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Alexander King
Caesar Robinson
Fabian Scott
Felix Adams
Julian Nelson
Lucias Baker
Marcus Hall
Maximus Clark
Abraham Thompson
Adam Sanchez
Alan Jackson

Names That Sound Like Anthony

A traditional Christian name like Anthony can have similar-sounding names that are equally elegant, stately and establish a state of authority and dominance. Here are some names that rhyme with Anthony that may catch your attention.

Antenor Antuwon
Antioch Antwain
Antonino Antor
Antonije Anthany
Antigonus Antonello
Antuan Allen
Antaras Antwan
Antoine Chayton
Antinous Anson
Antioco Ashtin

Sibling Names Related to Anthony

As a parent, you should coordinate sibling names in style and cohesion. Here is a list of some of the best sibling names that go with Anthony and are modern in their overall appeal:

Sister Names for Anthony Brother Names for Anthony
Abigail Aaron
Aurelia Andrew
Sabina Adrian
Cecilia Dominic
Claudia Alfred
Edith Dylan
Rosemary Braxton
Zaria Ananias
Leyton Benton
Ashtin Landen
Antonia Nathan

Nicknames for Anthony

Nicknames represent an affectionate way of calling the bearer by their name. Here are some of the best possible nicknames for the name Anthony that may qualify to be a substitute name for your child:

Ant Anton
Antonio Noni
Tone Tony
Antoine Antone
Thonus Teunis
Anto Toni
Tonio Toniniho
Nino Tono
Anth Ante
Ton Toto

A classic name doesn’t necessarily have to sound boring. There’s something special about the name Anthony and its distinctive meaning that honors its heritage. Despite its waning popularity in recent years, this versatile name still retains some of its charms and indeed makes it praiseworthy for the current generation of parents.


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