Top 100 European Boy Names With Meanings

100 European Names for Boys & Their Meanings

Europe is a very diverse continent that houses countries with various cultures and traditions. Each part of Europe has experienced a lot of things that have permanently engraved themselves into the culture and lifestyle of the people. Each country has many stories to tell. From tiny stones to large monuments, everything oozes of history and has stories to tell. The scenery and people change from place to place! From these experiences, cultures, and places come the names and last names of people. In the early centuries, people only chose simple names which mostly belonged in the family. With an increase in exports during the classic periods, people started stepping outside their boundaries. Therefore, there are a lot of trends to follow now.

100 Adorable European Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Here are some interesting and popular European baby boy names that you can consider for your little prince!




The name is derived from the Greek term ‘achos’ which further translates to ‘pain’. 


Though the German language can be a little confusing, its names are very attractive. This is a beautiful German name which means ‘noble protector’.


This is a Latin name derived from the names Hadrianus or Adrianus. The ultimate origin of the name would be the former river or Adria from the Illyrian and Venetic word ‘Adur’, which means ‘Water’ or ‘Sea’. Another popular meaning is “dark one”.


The name is of Spanish or Basque origin and means ‘good father’.


Though a classic name of the Spanish pronounced often as ‘al-ay-HAN-droh’, this is a popular variant of the name, Alexander. The name means “Defender of Men” or “Defender of People”.


This is another, shorter version of Alexander. The name has Greek origins and it means “Helper or defender of people”.


This name has an Eastern European origin. The meaning of this name is “Ruler of the Home” and is a very nice option.


A very great choice for your little one, the name means “inestimable”. The name has a Latin origin and is very popular.


The name is from the Greek word ‘bapto’ and the meaning of the name is ‘dip’. It is a name growing in popularity.


This beautiful name is of French origin, and it means ‘regal’.

Bastian is a break-off from the traditional name Sebastian. It means ‘sublime’ or ‘adorably’.


This is the Portugal version of the name Benedict. This is a very great option if you do not want the clichéd names, Benjamin and Ben. The meaning of this unique name is ‘Blessed’.


This is a Hebrew name which means “faithful, wholehearted, devotion, brave, and bold”. This is because, in the bible, Caleb follows Moses and leaves Egypt and is one of the followers to reach the promised land.


This unique name is primarily of Polish origin, and it means ‘ruler’. 


The name is of Greek origin, and it is also a name given to Jesus by early Greek-speaking Christians. It means ‘anointed’. 


Unique and hip, this classic Irish name is a great one that is yet to become very popular. Pronounced as “Kill-ee-an”, this Gaelic name means “little church” or “Strife”. The origin of this name would be from ‘Chaellach’, an Old Irish name.


The Greek and the Romanian meaning of this name is “praise” or “in solidarity with life”. This is a very popular Eastern European boy name.


This is a Portuguese name and the distinct rhythm makes the name sound very unique. The meaning of this name is “Lordly”.


The name is of Spanish and Hebrew origins and means ‘supplanter’ and ‘teacher’. 


This beautiful name is of Italian origin and means ‘belonging to the Lord’. 


This short and sweet name is of Finnish origin. It means ‘forever strong’. 


This unique name is gender-neutral and originates from Hebrew. It means ‘God has answered’.


This is a charismatic name with its roots being Greek. The meaning of this name in Greece is “Yahweh is God” and is a great name with literary ties.


The name has various forms, such as Emily, Amelia etc. It has French and Latin origins that mean ‘excel’ and ‘eager’, respectively. 


This name is an Italian and Spanish favorite. The meaning of this name is “rival” and is a variation of “Emil”. Emiliano is also another variation and means “work”.


Italian names always come with a natural, sophisticated and smooth elegance, and this one is no exception. It is originally the shortened version of Vincenzo or Lorenzo. It means “estate ruler” and is an Italian variation of the name Henry.


In Polish, the meaning of this name is “lovable”, just what your baby boy is. According to the Norse, the meaning of the Eryk is “Eternal ruler”.


This is a very classy and popular European name. It has a French origin and the meaning of the name is “crown, garland”.


This is a very unique name because the origin of the name is Anglo-Saxon. The name means “Wild Boar” or “strong”.


The origin of the name is Italian, and it means ‘peaceful ruler’.


This is the name of several popular Spanish and Italian kings and Roman emperors. It is a popular Old German name where ‘Fardi’ means journey and ‘Nanthi’ means venture.


For animal-loving parents, this name is perfect. The name is of Italian origin and means ‘friend of horses’. 


This is a Latin boy’s name and is very popular, stylish, and masculine. Yet, it means “flowering”, but it is very sophisticated and smooth. Originally, the name was derived from “florus”, in Latin.


This beautiful name is gender-neutral in nature. It is of Latin origin and means ‘flower’. 


The name Gain is primarily of French origin and denotes a person from the city of Gabin.


This given name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘God is my strength’.


This name has a very creative legacy. The name became famous after Giotto di Bondone, a painter from Florence and an Italian architect.


This is a very good option if you are looking for classy names. The name has Italian origins and it means “God is gracious”.


It is a name of Italian origin. It is the Italian version of the name Joseph which means ‘God will add’. 


This trendy English name was originally used as a last name it meant “son of a steward”. Now, it simply means “steward”.


This is a very popular name in Sweden and Germany. The meaning of this name is ‘Staff of the Goths’. And this old European boy name would be a very rare pick for your baby boy.


The name is primarily of Scandinavian origin and is a form of the name John. The name means ‘God is gracious’.


Many years ago, the name was popularly used among Latinos. It is the name of the hero of the great Trojan War and the meaning of the name is ‘Holding Fast’.


The name is of Scandinavian origin, and it means ‘Ruler of the home’. 


This is an English Boy baby name, and the meaning of this name is “God Is Gracious”. It was a very popular name during the middle ages and was a general term for “boy” or “man”.


The name is of Hebrew origin and is a fancier version of the name Jacob. It means ‘supplanter’. 


The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘may God protect’.


If you are a fan of the Nordic culture, then you should consider this one among the European male names. Pronounced ‘Yahn’, it is the Danish version of the name John and means ‘God has been gracious’.


This is a growing name in British culture. Sophisticated and very masculine, this English and Persian name means “bringer of treasure”.


This is a very captivating and soft name derived from the French. The literal meaning of the name is “youthful” and “downy”. It is a very popular name in France.


This name is also used as an adjective. It is of Arabic origin and means ‘the perfect one’. 


The name Kende is derived from Hungarian kende which referred to the king of Magyar, the nation that predated Hungary. 


The name Lars is derived from the Latin name Laurentius. It means ‘from the city of Laurentum’. 


The name is of Hungarian origin and is a glorious name to give your baby. It means ‘glorious ruler’.


If you are looking for an effortlessly cool name, then this is the one. It also has a less-ubiquitous and equally cool alternative, the Greek version of Leo.


This name with a Hebrew origin is a popular one and it means “joined in harmony”. Levi is a famous character from the bible and is Jacob’s third son.


The name Lincoln has a Latin origin but also means “Roman colony at the pool”. Another meaning of the name is the “Lakeside colony” and it was the name of the early settlements of the Romans in England.


People go for this name in many parts of Europe because it is a very chic and classy name. It has German roots and the meaning of the name is ‘masculine’. Another meaning is ‘free man’.


The meaning of this popular name is ‘famous warrior’ and is a very decent option for your boy. The origin of the name is from France.


It is a very popular Greek name for boys and it means “light-giving”. In a district in ancient Italy, Luciana, Luke was an author of the third Gospel of the New Testament. He was a patron saint to artists and doctors and was widely called “the beloved physician”.


You little bundle of joy is a miracle come true. Maciej is a beautiful name of Polish origin that means ‘God’s gift’.


The name originates from France and means ‘chief’.


This under-the-radar, cool Italian name is perfect if you are Hipster parents. This name is the Italian version of the name Mathew. The other version of the name is “Mateo”.


There is an Italian origin as well as an Indian origin to this name. Name your child Milan after the city in Italy or ‘grace’ after the Sanskrit word ‘mil’.


The name is a shortened version of the name Nathaniel. It means ‘God has given’.


With Hebrew origins, the meaning of the name Nathaniel is “Gift of God” or “God has given”.


The name is derived from Greek Nikolaos, which is an Italian given name. It means ‘victor of people’.


The name is a unique version of the name Oliver. It too means ‘olive tree’. 


This English name means ‘The Olive Tree’. The olive tree in biblical terms symbolizes beauty, fruitfulness, and dignity. An offer of peace is signified when extending an olive branch.


The name comes from the Old Norse name Olaf. The name means ‘ancestor’s relic’. 


A variant from the traditional name “Oscar”, this name means “Divine Spear” and the “k” instead of “c” makes it a bold choice for parents since it offers a unique twist.


The origin of the name Otto is German. This is a very nice name which means “wealthy”.


This is a traditional Welsh name which popularly means the “well-born”, “young warrior” or “noble”. The name was back in the list of popular names from the 2000s. It has a Celtic origin.


An exotic version of the name Paul, this is a very appealing Italian version. The meaning of this name is “small” and would be a great option for your baby.


The name Phillipe is one of the twelve apostles. Pronounced as “Fill-eep”, this is a very classic name and the slight variation in the spelling makes it sound very exotic.


This Greek variation of the name ‘Peter’ is another appealing option for your baby boy. The meaning of this name is “rock”. The name was derived from “Petros” or “petra”.


The Dutch name is gender-neutral and means ‘resolute protection’.


This is a classic Irish name that means ‘prosperity’.


The name is an Iranian name with Persian origins. It can be interpreted in many ways, but primarily, it means ‘smart’ or ‘thinker’.


Raymond has been a very dormant name for many years. The name Raymond means “Wise Protector”.


If you are a fan of Dutch names, then this is a unique option. The name means “Advice”.


This is a favorite option among hipster parents. The meaning of this name is “rest” and it has Italian origins.


This beautiful name is of Italian origin and means ‘man’s defender’. 


The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘reown’. 


This beautiful angelic name is of Arabic origin. It means ‘morning star’. 


It is a derivative of the name Theo. The name is of Spanish origin and is gender-neutral. It means ‘divine gift’. 


This is another form of the name “Theodore” and the meaning is “Divine Gift”. It has Greek origins.


The name is of Italian origin and means ‘twin’. 


It is derived from the ancient Greek word Tyche. It represents luck and fortune.


For fun parents, this is a unique name that you can give your child. It means ‘from the city’ and has Latin roots. 


The name is gender-neutral and is of Latin origin. It means valiant. 


The name is of Spanish origin and is used to denote someone from the Basque region. 


This is a very fashionable English name, and several saints have this name. It symbolizes Christ’s victory over death.


The name is of German origin and means ‘Vehement protector’.


This name is derived from a personal name in Old English, Wigheard, where “wig” means “war” and “heard” meaning “brave”, “strong”, or “hardy”.


This is a popular Greek name and is a variant of the Hebrew name John. The name Yanis means ‘God is gracious’.


This name too is a variant of the name John. This too means ‘God is gracious’. 


This spiritual name is of Hungarian origin and means ‘saint’ and ‘holy’. 


This beautiful and unique name is of Hungarian origin too. It means ‘sultan’. 

These unique names are sure to suit your little baby boy. Choosing your baby’s name will always be a part of the happiness of waiting for your little boy. Use this list to pick out a good, strong name for your precious little one!

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