100 Unique Country Boy Names With Meanings

100 Country Boy Names & Their Meanings

If you are a parent who loves the countryside, here is a better way to express your love by naming your little cowboy with these rustic baby boy names. Here is a list of the most popular cute country baby boy names with meanings. Naming your boy after one of these will reflect your love for your country and its history. Plus, these handpicked, popular country boy names are either climbing the charts or expected to rise soon. So, ditch those bright and bland boy names everyone is rushing to; instead, pick out from these meaningful and rugged country boy names, like Tenessee and Dusty. 

Call them rusty, call them country or cowboy; this list is a great choice of unique country boy names.


Unique Country Baby Boy Names

1. Abel

Meaning of Abel is “Breath”. Abel, the name of Adam and Eve’s younger son. It also means efficient, willing and adept.

2. Abner

Father of light. In Hebrew, ahv means father and ner refers to enlightenment, light. Abner: Father of enlightenment.

3. Alan

Alan is an English name, which means little rock. It was 173rd most popular boys name in 2018.

4. Asher

Asher means Happy and Blessed. It also appears in the holy text as a son of Jacob. Tribe of Asher meaning a group blessed with fortune and good looks

5. Ashley

Based on the Anglo-Saxon aesce (ash tree) and leak (meadow, open ground in a wood), it takes the meaning as “The man from ashen meadow”.

6. Austin

This name has been at the top of the charts since the 1980s. Austin means great, it is an English version of Augustus. Also in Latin, it means magic dignity.

7. Beau

It is French origin name, which means “handsome”. Beau also means devilishly handsome. It has been in the list of popular names since 1969.

8. Beckett

Beckett means “bee cottage or little brook, beehive”. It is an English origin baby boy’s name. It has been hits of the decade.

9. Bennett

It is a Latin baby name meaning “Blessed”. Bennett is also a similar but alternative name of “Benjamin”. An English form of Benedict.

10. Bentley

Bentley is an English name meaning bent grass meadow. It has been 121st most popular boys name in 2018 in the U.S.

11. Blaze

Blaze is an English origin name meaning “fire”. It is an original form of the saint’s name Blaise and is used for both sexes.

12. Bobby

It’s a boy’s name of English German origin, which means “bright fame”. Bobby is a typical mid-century nickname. In the UK, “Bobby” is used as slang for a policeman.

13. Brantley

Brantley is an English origin name that means “sword with a fierce-touch”. This has been a relative newcomer on the baby boy’s name list.

14. Brett

Brett is a Latin baby boy’s name, which means “The man from Brittany: based on the Celtic. It has been in the most popular boy’s name list and scored 741st rank in 2018.

15. Briar

It’s an American nature name, which means “a thorny patch”. It suits for both genders and the name has been in US top 1000 lists in 2015.

16. Brock

Brock is an English origin meaning “badger”. It is also a traditional name in folk tales given to a badger. Brock is a classy name with a rock-solid touch.

17. Bryan

Bryan is an English origin baby boy name meaning “high and noble”. Also spelled as Brain. It has been in 232nd popular boys name in 2018.

18. Cade

Cade is an English name meaning “round or barrel”. It has been popular to date and has a strong and modern touch.

19. Caleb

Caleb means “devotion to God”, origin from Hebrew. Caleb also has two derivations, from Hebrew kelev-meaning “dog”. And Hebrew components Kal and lev-meaning “whole heart”.

20. Calvin

This is a cute and funny name originating from Latin meaning “bald, hairless”. It has held its place in the list steadily and has not got lower than 250 rank.

21. Carson

Carson is an Irish origin meaning “son of the marsh-dwellers”. It’s a popular name and been in top 100 baby names list.

22. Carter

Carter is an English origin name meaning “transporter of goods by cart”. It has been popular for almost decades. The name is especially popular in the Midwest.

23. Chevy

Chevy is a popular French baby boy name origin meaning a knight, horseman. It has been at 1204th most popular boys name list of U.S in 2018.

24. Clay

The name Clay is of English origin boy’s name, diminutive of Clayton which means “place with good clay”. It’s a rich name with a southern-imposed handsome rouge image.

25. Clinton

Clinton is an English origin baby boy’s name meaning “The man from the town near hill”. Based on the Anglo-Norse mint (a hill) and the Anglo-Saxon tun (a town, village, etc.).

26. Clyde

The name Clyde is a baby boy name of Scottish origin meaning “The keeper of the keys,” from the Greek Medion, a key. In 2018, it was the popular name and been at 727th place

27. Cyrus

Cyrus is a baby boy’s name of Persian origin meaning “sun”. This has been very popular in the Iranian community.

28. Dallas

Dallas is an Irish origin baby boy’s name meaning “skilled”. It is also a Scottish place name. Dallas means meadow dwelling. It has got a cowboy name with relaxed, laid-back appeal.

29. Dane

Dane is an English origin baby boy name meaning “from Denmark”. It has been on the top 1000 names list of the US. Dane also makes a decent middle name.

30. Denver

Denver is a boy’s name of both English and French origin meaning “from Anvers”. It was also the Colorado city name.

31. Duke

Duke is an English origin boy’s name meaning “the rank of nobility”. It was ranked 531st in the popular name list. It is one of the titles being used increasingly by common people.

32. Earl

The name Earl is an English origin meaning “Nobleman”. It’s derived from the Middle English erl, a count, nobleman, etc., In 2018, it was at 1,518th place.

33. Easton

Easton is an English origin baby boy’s name meaning “east-facing place”. Easton is a stylish place and surname name and can be named for both genders. It is in the Top 100 name list.

34. Finn

Finn is an Irish origin baby boy’s name meaning “fair or white”. In Irish mythology, Finn MacCool the greatest hero with enormous energy and charm is named after Finn.

35. Flint

Flint is an English origin baby boy name meaning “Stream”. It was the 1,825th, most popular boys name in 2018, in the U.S.

Cute Country Baby Boy Names with Meanings

36. Flynn

Flynn is an Irish origin baby boy name meaning “son of the red-haired one”. It has got a cowboy charm. Flynn is also used as Irish surnames.

37. Gage

Gage is a popular baby boy name meaning “Oath, pledge”, originating from both English and French.

38. Garrett

Garrett is an Irish origin boy name meaning “Hard spear”. In 2018, the name was at 320th most popular list.

39. Glen

The name Glen is an Irish origin baby boy name meaning “the man from the valley”, from the Gaelic Gleann. It is a mountain valley and also spelled as Glenn

40. Hank

The name Hank is a German origin meaning “estate ruler or home ruler”. It’s an abstract form of Hankin, which was a medieval diminutive of John.

41. Houston

Houston is an Irish origin unisex name meaning “Hugh’s town”. Houston is right in style with its cowboy image and Texas accent.

42. Huck

The name Huck is an American origin, an abstract form of Huckleberry. It’s named after ‘Huckleberry Finn’ written by Mark Twain.

43. Hunter

Hunter is an English origin name meaning “one who hunts’. It has been in the top 100’s list and has a rugged appeal.

44. Jackson

The name Jackson is an English origin boy name means “Son of Jack”. It’s originally an English surname.

45. Jason

Jason is a Greek origin boy name meaning “To heal”. Jason has been a favorite name among parents for its beautiful meaning.

46. Jed

Jed is a baby boy named of Hebrew origin which means “Beloved of the Lord”. It sounds both cool and macho.

47. Jesse

The name is of Hebrew origin meaning “gift”. Jesse is more usual for boys’ name and Jessie is used for girls name.

48. Keith

Keith is a Scottish origin baby boy name meaning “Refreshing as the wind”, from the Gaelic. It was at 500th name in 2018.

49. Kenny

Kenny is a Scottish-Gaelic origin name meaning “Born of the fire”. It is derived from the name “Kenneth”.

50. Landon

The name London is an English origin which means “Long hill”. It is also a popular surname.

51. Lawson

Lawson is an English origin baby boy’s name meaning “son of Lawrence”. In Latin, it means “Someone from Laurentum”.

52. Levi

The name is Hebrew origin baby boy name meaning “Joined or attached”. It is also a biblical baby name.

53. Mack

It took its origin from Scottish / Irish meaning “son of”. So ‘Son of Donald’ means MacDonald.

54. Maverick

Maverick is an American origin name meaning “Independent one, nonconformist”. The name sounds different and bursts with spirit.

55. Murphy

Murphy is an Irish origin unique name meaning “Sea Warrior”.

56. Nash

Nash is an English origin name meaning “by the ash tree”. It’s derived from the Middle English phrase “Atten ash”, a person who lived near an ash tree.

57. Oakley

The name is of English origin meaning “Oakwood or Clearing”. It’s been popular in recent years. Man as sturdy as Oak, with deeper roots.

58. Otis

Otis is a German origin popular baby boy name, which means “Wealthy”.

59. Percy

Percy is a Latin origin boy name and a diminutive form of Percival.

60. Rhett

The name Rhett means “Advice” and is an English origin baby boy name. It was the 167th most popular boys’ name in 2018.

61. Ryder

Ryder is of British origin boy name meaning “Cavalryman, messenger”. It is one of the current favorite boys’ names.

62. Sawyer

Sawyer is an English occupational name. Sawyer is a Celtic origin baby boy name meaning “Someone who cuts timber or woodcutter”.

63. Shelton

The name Shelton is an English origin boy name meaning “Ledge village”. Everyone loves Blake, even his surname became a popular baby name for boys now.

64. Tapper

Tapper is an American origin baby boy name meaning “Trapper”.

65. Tyler

Tyler is an English origin baby boy name meaning “Maker of tiles”. In the 1990s, the name ranked number 9 and was in the popularity charts.

66. Wade

Wade is an English origin baby boy name, which means “Ford or advancer”. It also means “at the river crossing”. It’s a winning name and has been the US top 1000 names for boys.

67. Waylon

Waylon means “Land beside the road”, and is of English origin. It sounds so countryside and has been everyone’s favorite to date. For the 1980s and ‘90s kids, Waylon will always be remembered as The Simpson’s character.

68. Wesley

Wesley means “Western meadow” from an English origin.

69. Woods

Woods is an American origin name which means “of the woods”.

70. Zane

Zane is a Hebrew origin baby boy name meaning “gift from God”.

Rare County Baby Boy Names

Let’s explore some rare and strong country boy names that are both wonderful and exciting:

1. Atwood

Atwood is a subtle country boy’s name of English origin. The name refers to “someone who lives in the forest”.

2. Charleston

The name Charleston is beginning to become popular after being on descent for a long. The meaning of this English name is “Free peasant’s settlement”.

3. Chesney

This cute English origin name means “oak grove”.

4. Conroy

Conroy is an Irish boy’s name which means “Wise advisor”.

5. Crawford

Crawford is a popular English name which stands for “ford of the crows”.

6. Croy

This cute English is rare and unique, which means it’s time to grab it before it gets mainstream popular. The name means “one with grey hair”.

7. Diesel

Diesel is a German name. It is basically a diminutive of the ancient name Matthias. It has been popular in recent years.

8. Forrest

Forrest is a variant of the word Forest, which means “wooded area”.

9. Jennings

Jennings is a humble and chic name which stands for “Little John”.

10. Leroy

If you are on the lookout for a kingly name, then try Leroy. The name has French origin and means “king”.

11. Madison

Madison is a traditional unisex name which is used for both boys and girls. This English name means “son of Maud or Matthew”.

12. Marshall

The name Marshall sounds tough and powerful. The meaning of this name is “caretaker of horses”.

13. Maynard

Maynard is a German name which has long gone from the list of popularity but has the potential to come back for good. The meaning of this name is “brave” or “strength”.

14. Tenessee

Nothing could be more country than Tenessee. Tennessee is a well-known American state with the captial Nashville, which is the heart of the country-music scene. Country music legends, including Dolly Parton and Elvis Presley, all have come from Tenessee.

15. Toby

Toby is a common name sharing Greek and Hebrew roots. The meaning of the name is “God is good”.

Old County Baby Boy Names

Here are some classic names for boys in the country names category:

1. Benjamin

The name Benjamin originated from Hebrew and means “son of the right hand”.

2. Edison

Edison is a worldwide-known name (all thanks to Thomas Alva Edison). The name has Old English origin and means “son of Edward”.

3. Francis

Francis is a habitational name of French origin. It means “french man” or “free man”.

4. Frank

Frank is a diminutive of the name Francis and is of German origin. It means “free”.

5. George

George is a pretty common name which originated from the Greek name Georgios. This old country boy’s name means “farmer”.

6. Harold

Harold is a diminutive of the German name harja-waldaz, which means “army ruler”.

7. Harvey

Harvey is a family-given name from the Old Breton name Huiarnviu.

8. Jarrett

Jarrett is a chic name of British origin. The name means “spear-strong”, which accentuates the name’s vibe to a warrior level.

9. Kenneth

Kenneth is an English name, anglicised from the Gaelic name Cainnech. The name means “handsome”.

10. Langston

This spectacular boy’s name is basically a habitational name derived from the Old English element lāng, which means “long” and tun, which means “town”. So, ultimately the name means “long town”.

11. Mickey

Did somebody say Mickey Mouse? Perhaps, because this name is quite familiar to everyone. Mickey is a given name as well as a nickname short for the name Michael and means “who is like God” or “who is famous and powerful like God”.

12. Milton

Milton is a habitational name for boys given to people who come from places like Milton or Middleton.

13. Nelson

The spectacular name is a patronymic given name of Irish origin, meaning “son of Nell”.

14. Neville

Neville is a habitational name used as a given name and a surname. The name is used for “people hailing from Neuville”.

15. Orville

This cute yet masculine name is known to be derived from an old Welsh Celtic forename Eurfyl, which means “gold”.

Hope this article would help you in finding the right old-fashioned country boy name for your little one, which also brings back your precious memories.

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