Top 105 Roman Boy Names With Meanings

105 Roman Names for Baby Boys

The first thing that you put on your checklist after you have a baby is – finding the right name. The rest will follow in due course of time. Parents are making a beeline for beautiful names that sound nice, have the correct meaning and will resonate with the persona of their child. Gone are the days when people sought common names for their children. Parents now want their children to have names that will stand out in the classroom, and at work and will also create an identity for their children for the rest of their lives. Go through this list of Roman baby boy names that can help you pick the perfect name for your baby.

Popular Ancient Roman Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Ancient Roman names have been used in many European countries in the past, and they have made a comeback in the recent past. Names like Julius and Cyrus can now be heard in the US thanks to popular TV series and games. Looking for Roman names for boys? Choose from the list below.

Names Meaning
Adrian Adrian was a common name during the Medieval Age, and it is gaining popularity day by day. Meaning of Adrian is ‘sea’ or ‘water.’
Angel A common yet beautiful name, Angel is derived from the Greek word ‘angelos.’ It means ‘messenger.’
Aloysius This name has a Latin origin and means ‘famous warrior.’ Aloysius was also a name of a Catholic saint who died treating ill people. It is one of the best Roman Catholic baby boy names.
Amadeus The name ‘Amadeus’ is derived from two Latin words ‘amare’ meaning ‘to love’ and ‘deus’ meaning god. Music loving parents love this name as it is the middle name of Mozart.
Atticus ‘Atticus’ has a Greek, Latin origin and is a strong Roman boy name. This name reminds everyone of Gregory Peck’s character ‘Atticus Finch’ in the movie ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird.’  It means ‘from Attica or Athens.’
Augustus This name will be perfect for parents looking for an imposing name. It has a Latin, Slavic origin and means ‘magnificent, great’. Augustus was the name given to Octavian, Julius Caesar’s adopted son by the Roman Senate.
Ambrosius It is derived from the Greek word ‘Ambrosios’ meaning ‘immortal’.
Aurelius Aurelius is a fancy baby boy name meaning ‘golden’ in Latin.
Bernardo Bernardo is a classy Roman name which stands for ‘brave as a bear’. Shakespeare’s iconic work Hamlet has a famous character of this name.
Blandus The meaning of this vintage and the unique-sounding name is ‘charming’.
Brutus Well, you must have been familiar with this ancient Roman name made famous by the man who killed Julius Caesar in Shakespeare’s iconic play. The meaning of this name is ‘obtuse’.
Caesar Every one of us has heard of Julius Caesar. Caesar has become quite a popular name in the recent times. It means ‘something with a thick head of hair’.
Caius Caius is a wonderful and short boy’s name meaning ‘rejoice’ in Latin.
Calix Calix is a fantastic choice among ancient Roman names, which shares roots with Latin and Greek origins. It means ‘chalice’ or ‘most beautiful’.
Carinu This Sicilian boy’s name is a heartthrob among popular Roman names. Mostly used in Europe, the name means ‘beloved’ or ‘dear’.
Charles Quite common among Roman names for boys, Charles is another option you have. It is a variant of the name ‘Karl’ and means ‘brave’.
Cupid This mythological and playful name would bring a wide grin to anyone who hears it. Cupid is the Roman god of love and the son of Mars and Venus.
Cyrus The name Cyrus has a Persian origin, and is derived from the name ‘Kurush’. Kurush means ‘young’ or ‘far sighted’. It is also associated with the Greek name ‘Kyrios’ meaning ‘lord’.
Dennis Dennis is a worldly name of Latin and Greek origin. The name is derived from the mythological name Dionysius, the Greek god of wine and celebration.
Dominic Dominic was quite a popular name in Ancient Rome. It comes from the name ‘Dominicus’ and means ‘of the Master,’ ‘Lordly,’ or ‘belong to the God’.
Domitian Domitian is a historic Latin name belonging to the Roman Emperor who ruled in the 1st century. The meaning of this name is ‘tamed’.
Drusus Drusus resonates with boldness when pronounced and carries a firmness that could imply being a determined person. The name means ‘strong’.
Ectorius Ectorius is a powerful Roman name that many parents love to give this name to their children. It refers to ‘one with an imaginative and creative mind’.
Edoardo Edoardo is a dignified Germanic name meaning ‘wealthy guardian’.
Emilius Emilius comes from the Latin family name Aemilia which originated during the reign of the second king of Rome, Numa Pompilius. This name is popular in many European countries and means ‘rival’. 
Faunus Faunus is a nature-inspired Latin mythological name. It belongs to the horned Roman god of forests, plains, and fields.
Felix Felix is a pleasant-sounding boy’s name of Latin origin with a rich history. It means ‘fortunate’ or ‘happy’.
Florentinus This ancient Roman name is an uncommon option you have. It means ‘flourishing’ or ‘blossoming’.
Gordian Gordian is a common Roman name for boys, which stands for ‘from Gordian’.
Gratian Gratian is a gem that certainly draws people’s attention to the person. It means ‘grace’ or ‘effortlessly’.
John Though a Hebrew name, John was a common name in ancient Rome. Even today it’s quite a popular name in the US. It’s the shortened version of ‘Jonathan,’ who was the eldest son of Saul. His loyalty and fidelity make him one of the most admired characters in the Bible.
Julian It has a Latin origin, and there are many Roman Emperors with this clan name. Julian is Jupiter’s son and means ‘downy, youthful’.
Julius Shakespeare’s work has made this name highly popular across the globe. Julius is both a first name as well as last name. This Latin name means ‘youthful’ and ‘of the Julii family’.
Jupiter Jupiter is a mythical Roman name of the king of the Roman gods and the god of the sky. The name holds high power and strength.
Liber Highly common amongst Romans, Liber is a mythological name belonging to the Roman God of fertility, freedom, and wine. This name has evolved into today’s word liberty.
Lincoln It was once a surname and is now being used as a name. The meaning of the name is ‘town or settlement by the pool’. Many girls are also named Lincoln in the USA.
Linus Linus has a Greek origin and it means ‘flax’. In Greek mythology, Linus is a musician and poet who was Hercules’s music teacher. Linus is also quite a popular name in Hollywood movies. Remember Humphrey Bogart from Sabrina?
Lorenzo Lorenzo is a voguish version of the name Laurence. This Italian name certainly achieves high standards because of its worldwide popularity. It means ‘From Laurentium’.
Lucius Lucius is a Latin name popular in western countries. The meaning of the name is ‘light’.
Magnus This name has a Latin origin. There was a famous saint by this name, and the name is quite popular in the Scandinavian countries. It means ‘greatest’.
Marcellus Marcellus comes from Mars, the Roman god of war. This is a strong masculine name meaning ‘young warrior’.
Marcus Marcus was a common name in classical Rome, and has a Greek origin. It means ‘war-like’. You can shorten it to ‘Mark’.
Marius Mars is a Roman family name. It has a Latin origin, and quite a popular name in countries like France and Germany. The name means ‘male’.
Mars In Roman mythology, Mars is referred to as the god of war and agriculture.
Maximus Maximus was Russel Crowe’s name in the 2000 movie Gladiator. It means ‘greatest’.
Mercury Mercury is a planetary name which is gaining high popularity these days. If you choose this name, Merc would be a cool nickname.
Neptune Another planetary name from our solar system, Neptune, is turning heads these days. It also belongs to the Roman god of the sea, who is considered equivalent to the Greek god Poseidon.
Octavius A very uncommon name, Octavius was the name given to the eighth child in a Roman family. Julius Caesar’s son Augustus was named Octavius before he got his new title.
Orlando Orlando is a popular Latin and Spanish name with relaxed vibes. The meaning of the name is ‘famous’ or ‘heroic’.
Otho Otho stems from the Old German and means ‘wealthy’. It is a well-liked name among Romans.
Patrin Patrin has a Roman origin, and is a truly uncommon name. It means ‘leaf trail’.
Petran Petran is another uncommon name, and you will find people with this name in the USA and Netherlands. It means ‘rock solid’.
Pius This name too has a Latin origin. It means ‘dutiful’ and ‘pious’. Pope Pius XII is a name that many of you have heard of.
Pavle ‘Pavle’ is the Gregorian version of the name ‘Paul.’ It means ‘humble’ or ‘small’.
Pluto Pluto is a pleasant-sounding celestial name for boys taken from our solar system’s planet. In Roman mythology, the name also belongs to the god of gold, silver, and other treasures.
Pollux Pollux is a dignified name from Greek mythology. The name belongs to one of the twin sons of Zeus, who was well-known for his strength.
Quintus Quintus as a name is appealing to a lot of new-age parents. Ben Hur had a character with this name, and was quite a common name in ancient Rome. It means ‘fifth’.
Rogan Rogan is a jaunty and friendly boy’s name of Irish origin.
Romeo Romeo is a well-known Italian name etched in romantic history, all thanks to Shakespeare. The actual meaning of this name is ‘pilgrim to Rome’.
Rufus Rufus is a popular ancient Roman name, and it was a name common among singers and saints. The name has a Latin origin and means ‘red head’.
Saturn This celestial name promises a casual and fun attitude. As per Roman mythology, the name belongs to the oldest and first Roman god who controlled time and agriculture.
Septimus Septimus as a name was revived by the Victorians, and there is a famous Roman emperor by this name. It means ‘the seventh son’. Septimus Weasley is a wizard in Harry Potter.
Sergius This name too has a Latin origin. It was a Roman clan name, and means ‘servant’.
Severus You have a perfect reason to choose this name for your little one if you are a Harry Potter fan. Yes, Severus Snape! The Latin name means ‘serious’.
Silvanus Meaning of ‘Silvanus’ is ‘forest’ or ‘wood’. This name has a Latin origin and is a variant of ‘Silvain’.
Sirius Sirius is the name of the brightest star in the sky. Do you know what it means? It means ‘burning’.  This name has Greek origin.
Spartacus Spartacus is a popular Latin masculine name which stands for ‘from the city of Sparta’.
Tiberius Tiberius was an ancient Roman emperor. It has a Latin origin and means ‘of the Tiber’.
Titus Titus was a commander in ancient Rome, who later became an emperor. This word has a Latin origin and means ‘title of honor’.
Tulio Tullius was once a Roman family name, and ‘Tulio’ is its modern version. It means ‘leader’.
Valerian There are several good reasons to choose this name. The name means ‘strong’ and ‘healthy. Also, this proud Latin name first belonged to Roman Emperor Valerian in 250 AD.
Vincent Vincent is a cool, no-nonsense name for boys which means ‘conquering’ or ‘winning’.
Vitus This name has an Italian and French origin and means ‘life’.
Vulcan Vulcan is a bold and mythological name belonging to the god of beneficial and hindering fire.
Zeno Zeno is a stylish derivate of the ancient Roman name Zeus which means ‘gift of Zeus’ or ‘sky’.

Roman Mythology Baby Boy Names

Find a suitable name for your little champ from these outstanding Roman male names that are etched in Roman mythology!

Name Meaning
Achilles Who doesn’t remember Brad Pitt from Troy? Achilles was the most handsome, bravest and greatest warrior of the Trojan War. He is one of the most loved heroes in the Greek mythology.
Aeneas Aeneas originates from the Greek name ‘Aineias’, and is its Latin version. He is the protagonist of the Latin epic poem ‘Aeneid’, and he is the one who traveled to Italy and found the Roman state.
Amulius Amulius was the name of the king of Alba Longa. He overthrew Numitor, his brother but was later deposed by Remus and Romulus.
Aries Aries has a Latin origin, and it means ‘a ram’. It is name of a constellation, and is the first zodiac sign. According to Roman Legends, Aries gave Jason the Golden Fleece.
Consus Roman God of harvest and grain is Consus.
Cupid Cupid is the son of Venus, and Roman god of love. This cute boy has wings and carries a bow to spread love.
Evander Evander means ‘good man’. He founded the Pallantium city.
Faunus Faunus means ‘to befriend’. He is the Roman god of agriculture and fertility.
Italus Italus is the father of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. Italy is named after him.
Janus Janus has two faces and is the Roman god of gateways and beginnings.
Jupiter Protector of law, Jupiter was the supreme Roman God. It is one of the most imposing Roman God boy names.
Liber Roman god of fertility is Liber.
Mars In Roman mythology, Mars is the god of wars.
Mercury Mercury belongs to the Roman mythological god of merchants, transporters, and commerce.
Neptune God of sea in Roman mythology is Neptune.
Numitor Remus and Romulus were the grandsons of Numitor. He was also the king of Alba Longa before being overthrown.
Pluto Alternate name of the God of the underworld ‘Hades’ is Pluto. It means ‘wealth’ in Greek.
Pollux Pollus was Zeus’s son. The name means ‘sweet’ in Greek.
Quirinus The name is derived from the word ‘quiris’ meaning ‘spear’. It was a name of a Roman god.
Remus Remus and Romulus together founded Rome. Romulus assassinated Remus.
Romulus Founder of Rome.
Saturn Saturn is the god of agriculture in Roman mythology. He was Juno and Jupiter’s father.
Silvanus Silvanus refers to the Roman God of forests.
Summanus This Roman mythological name refers to the Roman God of the night sky and lightning.
Tatius In Roman mythology, the name Tatius belonged to the king of the Sabines.
Vulcan The name Vulcan belongs to the God of fire.

Gender-Neutral Roman Baby Names

Name Meaning
Aquila Aquila is a fantastic name of Latin origin which was once popular in the 19th century. The name represents a celestial object and means ‘eagle’.
Denarius Denarius is a cool-sounding Latin name meaning ‘silver coin’.
Glaucia This voguish name means stems from the Latin name glaucus and means ‘bluish grey’.
Iovita Iovita is a rare name derived from the Latin name Jove, which refers to the Roman god of Jupiter.
Solidus Solidus refers to the ancient gold coin introduced by Constantine.

These are some of the Roman baby names you can choose from. Make sure you choose one that accents your baby’s personality!

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