90 Beautiful Middle Name for Girl Babies

Middle Names for Baby Girls WIth Meanings

Giving an appropriate name to your baby is one of the most important responsibilities for any parent. Choosing the first name is relatively easier than choosing the middle name! There are many reasons behind adding a middle name to your baby girl’s name. It could be tradition, as everyone in the family has a middle name; as an honour for a dear relative; or because it is trendy to have a meaningful middle name. Some parents also add a middle name to their daughter’s name as an optional second name, in case she is not happy with her first name!

The History of Middle Names

Parents in  Western culture started including a middle name dating back to Roman times. During those times the more names one had, the more respect that person got in the society. The first name was the individual personal name one was called by, the last name was the family name and the middle name indicated the particular branch of family one belonged to. The upper-class followed the culture of three or more names for the men, two names for women and one name for the slaves.

In the post-Roman Western world, mostly Saints’ names were used as middle names for both girls and boys at Baptism. Children typically take their mother’s maiden name as their middle name or get a two-word name. In recent years, celebrities tend to go by their middle name and have begun keeping meaningful middle names for their kids. Now, most parents choose a beautiful middle name to compliment the first name of their daughters.

Middle Names with Meanings for Your Baby Girl

Whatever may be your reason for a middle name, it is important to have a middle name which is as meaningful and sophisticated as the first name. The middle name should be in the same spirit or tone as the first name. One can’t have a sophisticated first name with a funky middle name or a traditional middle name with a contemporary first name. Any middle name will do when the baby is young but as she grows up, she will start using her full name in school, college and career. Then a mismatched first name and middle name will be a cause of worry and irritation for her. Her first impression will be created by her name, and thus, her middle name must mean something important, too!

Unique Middle Names For Girls

A unique middle name maintains the individuality and exceptional quality of the first name of your cute princess.  Zero in on your perfect name with a touch of excitement as you go through our handpicked choices to ensure a unique middle name for your little girl!

Name Meaning of Name
Abigail This popular middle name is of Hebrew origin and means “my father is joyful”.
Anise This name means “pure soul”.
Berlynn Berlynn is a unique middle name made from the combination of two English names – Bertha and Lynn, which mean ‘bright one’ and ‘waterfall’ or ‘lake’.
 Carmden This unique middle name of Scottish origin means “one who lives in or near the winding valley”.
 Coreen Coreen means “maiden”.
 Clelia This name is a Latin origin word meaning “one who is famous”.
 Denise This means “a follower of wine God Dionysus”.
 Dustin Dustin is a German word that means “strong or brave as a tiger”.
Elein Elein means “bright as a torch”.
 Eloise This unique middle name of French origins means “one who is built wide or in good health”.
Emeline Emeline is the French variation of Amelina, a German origin name. The distinct name means “hard-working; industrious”.
 Georgina This feminine version of the English name George means “someone who belongs to the farming community”.
Harriet This popular middle name means “ruler of the estate”.
 Jolee Jolee means “pretty”.
 Keya Keya means “beautiful; tender; valued”.
Korin This sweet Greek origin name means “pure; sweet”.
Karilyn This unique middle name of Native American origin is formed by combining two words- Kari and Lynn, meaning ‘free man’.
Lilibeth A unique combination of two names- Lily and Beth forms this middle name. It can mean ‘God is bountiful’, or ‘innocence’, ‘purity’, or ‘beauty’.
Meaghan Meaghan means “pure; precious”.
 Monteen Monteen means “strong as the mountain”.
 Nadeen This means “full of hope”.
 Naomi This Hebrew origin middle name means “a pleasant person”.
Ophelia Ophelia is a popular middle name meaning “help”.
Payten Payten is an Irish origin middle name meaning “to be like a noblewoman”.
 Quinn This means “wisdom; intelligence”. It has Irish origins.
Rhetta This a unique Latin middle name which means “speaks”.
Selene This popular middle name with Greek origin means “peaceful; lovely; calm”. The name is a reference to Goddess of the Moon.
Tallis In Hebrew this name means ‘cover’, and ‘the fringed wrap worn in prayer’. In French, the name means ‘woodland’.
 Upya This unique middle name means “new”. The name has Swahili origin.
Winola This name of German origin means “a delightful friend”.

Cute Middle Names For Baby Girls

A cute middle name maintains the beauty and cuteness of the first name of your daughter. Choose any of the names we’ve handpicked especially for you!

Name Meaning of Name
Adele The word with French origin means “tender; kind”.
Alice This cute middle name means “truthful; noble”.
Amelia The name means “industrious; striving” in Latin, “work of the Lord” in Hebrew and “hardworking” according to Teutons.
Belle The name means “beautiful” and is of French origin.
Breean This name means “high; noble”.
Brooke The name means “a gentle stream”.
Caprice The word with French origin means “whimsical”.
Cerise This middle name means “cherry” in French.
Claire Claire means “bright and clear”.
Debree This name is a unique amalgamation of Dee and Sabrina, meaning ‘from the river Severn’, or ‘boundary’, or ‘white rose’.
Elara Elara in Greek means “moon of Jupiter”.
Faith The name means “to trust in all things”.
Ferryn This cute name means “adventure”.
Grace Grace is a popular middle name which means “God’s favour” or “love towards mankind”.
Gwen This means “holy; white”.
Haisley Haisley is a contemporary middle name meaning “being peaceful, philanthropic and pleasure-loving”.
Imani This Swahili name means “faith”.
Leigh This name means “delicate; meadow”.
Lillian This middle name means “innocence”.
Lucinda Lucinda means “illumination”.
Maisie Maisie means “pearl”.
Marie Marie means “Lady of the sea” or “lady of Sorrow”.
Mirabel This popular middle name means “one who is truly wonderful”.
Nola Nola is derived from Nuala of Irish origins, meaning ‘fair shoulder’.
Olive Olive means “like an olive tree”.
Rylie This beautiful name means “something strong”.
 Sherleen This middle name of French origin means “loved by all”.
Verna Verna is a Latin-origin middle name meaning “born in the spring”.
 Vivian This popular middle name means “to be alive”.
Zoe This short and popular middle name is of Greek origin and means “life”.

Most Popular Middle Names For Girls

Elegant middle name ensures a classy name for your baby girl. Choose any of these curated names for your little girl!

Name Meaning of Name
Anne or Ann This popular name means “gracious”. The name has a Jewish origin.
Aryn Aryn means “enlightened; messenger”. The name is of Hebrew origin.
Blair Blair means “one who dwells in the plains”.
Blanche The name of French origin means “Fair in colour”.
Blayne Blayne means “one who is thin”.
Brooke Brooke means “one who lives near a stream or brook”.
Bree The name means “strong and full of virtues”.
Dawn Dawn means “bright as the morning rays”.
Fawn Fawn means “sweet and innocent”.
Fern Fern means “fresh like the fern plant”.
Hope Hope means “to have positive expectations” or “the virtue of hope”.
Jacklyn Jackyln means “supplanter”. The name is of Native American origin.
Jae This Latin-origin name means “sweet and beautiful like a jaybird”.
Jaidyn Jaidyn means “one who is precious or like the gemstone jade”.
Jane Jane means “God is gracious”.
June This popular name means “one who is born in the month of June”. The name has a Latin origin.
Kate This name means “one who is pure”.
Kathryn This English name means “pure”.
Krystan This popular name of Greek origin means “follower of Christian faith”.
Lane It is a popular middle name with an English origin, meaning “a narrow street”.
Lee Lee is of Chinese origin name meaning “sweet as plum”.
Love The name itself is the meaning and if full of affection.
Lynn Lynn means “a pool beneath the waterfall”.
Mae This name means “a discerning person”.
Merle Merle means “a blackbird”.
Raine This name of Native American origin means “fresh as the first raindrop”.
Rose This means “delicate and beautiful like a flower”.
Rylie This means “one who is brave”. It is of Irish origin.
Sue Sue means “associated with a lily flower”.
Taye This short middle name is of English origin and means “tailor or seamstress”.

Every parent wants their daughter to have a beautiful name, and most parents are embracing the culture of middle names. Your little girl’s name should make her feel happy and proud! A good middle name is important, as it will assist her in creating an impact throughout her life.

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