Matthew Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Matthew Name Meaning and Origin

Matthew is one of the most well-known traditional boy names, especially among Christians, because Matthew was the author of the first Gospel. Although the name’s popularity has faded, it still ranks among the top 50 names in the United States. The name has a symbolic meaning, with its roots stemmed from Biblical connotations.

What Does Matthew Mean?

Matthew is derived from the Hebrew name Mattiyahu whose spiritual meaning denotes the “gift of God” or “gift of Yahweh.” The meaning of Matthew is “gift.” Therefore it provides a beautiful and meaningful name appropriate for your child. The name also means a sweet and caring person, also known to excel at sports and is loved by everyone. People with the name Matthew are emotionally compassionate and have an affinity for music.


Matthew originates from Hebrew and Scandinavia, both meaning the “Gift of God.” It also has its roots in the Greek name Matthaios which is a variation of Mattityahu in Hebrew. This name is a male name of English origin and was one of Jesus’s apostles. Matthew wrote the first Gospel in the New Testament, and therefore, this name stems from Biblical roots.




  • Math-Ew
  • Math-Yoo
  • Math-Thew


2 syllable


7 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Although the name Matthew is an English name, it has different meanings and variations among different cultures. There are different Matthew name variations where most of the meanings are symbolic. There are also other spellings for Matthew with different cultural backgrounds and significance.

Name Origin
Matthew English, Hebrew, and Scandinavia
Matheu Old French
Matteo Italian
Mateu Catalan and Occitan
Mattathias Greek
Matthias Greek
Mateo Spanish
Mattathyah Hebrew
Mateus Portuguese
Matthaeus Late Latin

How Popular Is the Name Matthew?

Over time, the name Matthew has decreased in popularity; however, it still ranks among the top 30 names in the United States. The name was famous throughout the 80s to early 2000. The name was quite popular during this time where almost 14,000 boys were given this name. As per Matthew’s popularity index, the name was the most popular in 2000 and 2001, where it ranked among the top 3 baby boy names. On the contrary, Matthew’s baby name ranking was 30 in 2020. According to Social Security Administration, the popularity of the name skyrocketed in 2001 and stayed among the top five until 2006.

The popularity of the name started to dim from the year 2007 when it ranked 9th, followed by 16th in 2010. However, the name became slightly more popular from 2011-2012. The following year, the name ranked 15th, after which it has not entered among the top 10 baby names. However, the name has Biblical roots and symbolic meaning, due to which there is a potential for it to be widely used once again.

Interest in Matthew – Worldwide

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The name Matthew has been consistent in the worldwide search trends over the last ten years. Its popularity index suggests the name has been within the scale of 25. However, it reached its peak in October 2016 where the popularity index touched 100. Presently, its lowest score is 11 for July 2021.

Interest in Matthew – US

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In the United States, the interest in the name Matthew remained over the last decade. It reached a score of 16 in March 2014, after which it reached 100 in October 2016, which is the highest popularity score to date. According to the popularity index, August 2021 recorded the lowest score in the decade at just 9.

Popularity of the name Matthew

Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Matthew – Worldwide

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As per the search trends, the popularity of the name Matthew remained consistent in Jamaica over the years, with a score of 100. The name is mainly popular in the United States, Australia, the UK, followed by Canada worldwide.

Search trends of Matthew – US

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The search trends for Matthew in the United States are the most in  South Carolina and then the District of Columbia, at 100 and 98, respectively. It is closely followed by North Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee. The symbolic meaning of the name has resulted in its popularity, due to which it is widely used in these regions.

Middle Names That Go With Matthew

A middle name is a significant part of your child’s name. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a middle name that goes with the name Matthew. For maintaining the unique nature of this name, the double names with Matthew can be:

Winston Albert
Michael Christopher
Hunter Alexander
Elliott Maddox
Todd Benjamin
Adrian Bennett
Cooper Lewis
Thomas David
Harrison Oliver
Declan Dylan

Famous People Named Matthew

Matthew, with a double “T,” has been widely used for naming boys because of its uniqueness. Various famous celebrities named Matthew have resulted in the stable popularity of the name, such as:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Matthew Evans Former English cricketer
Matthew Lillard Actor
Matthew Broderick American film and stage actor
Matthew McConaughey Actor
Matthew Bellamy Musician
Matthew Daddario Actor
Matthew Dayes American football player
Matthew Perry Actor
Matthew Holliday Professional baseball player
Matthew Emmons American rifle shooter

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby names like Matthew are equally popular as first and middle names because they are beautiful and symbolic. It has a distinct variety of family names. Other names for Matthew include:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Jonathan Jannes
Dorek Joyce
John Noah
Matthal Charles
Mikelle Ryan
Donato Jeremiah
Zane Nicholas
Nathan Leonard
Miesha Jude
Jonas Grant

Names That Sound Like Matthew

There are different variations of the name Matthew which have similar sounds and rhymes. Here are some of the names that rhyme with Matthew:

Matteo Matthieu
Medea Mattheus
Madai Matzew
Andrew Mateo
Mattie Saateu
Meadow Montew
Matia Matthews
Mathieu Mathew

Sibling Names Related to Matthew

Selecting the proper sibling names that go with Matthew is vital so that all your children’s names are alike. It creates a form of unity among the siblings. Therefore, some sister names and brother names for Matthew are as follows:

Sister Names for Matthew Brother Names for Matthew
Olivia James
Lily Gavin
Emma William
Izzy August
Mary Liam
Adriana Philip
Anastasia Patrick
Bella Jake
Jenna Zayn
Hope Alex

Nicknames for Matthew

Nicknames are the names given to your child with a hint of humor or a familiar touch. The different nicknames for Matthew include:

Matty Mats
Monty Matsy
Matt Mattison
Matts Monet
Mac Manda
Mattie Max
Mark Miles
Mitch Mato
Math Matters
Mate Matic

Matthew is one of the traditional English names that has been widely popular since the 80s and is still considered among the top 30 names. The symbolic meaning of the name is “Gift of God,” which is one of the reasons for its popularity. Various celebrities across the globe have the same name. Its special meaning is one of the reasons behind the popularity of the name. Due to this, there is potential for the name to become popular once again.


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