Isaiah Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Isaiah Name Meaning and Origin

Isaiah is a name with a profound meaning and deep Biblical significance. This significance makes it a suitable choice for a baby name for religious people. Keep reading to learn more about the name, its meaning, origin, variations in different languages and cultures, and celebrities bearing the name. Also, get to know some other names that sound and mean similar to Isaiah.

What Does Isaiah Mean?

Derived from the Hebrew “Yeshaʿyahu,” the meaning of Isaiah can be translated to “The God is Salvation.” With its Biblical connotations and references, the name is suitable for parents who want to use a traditional but meaningful name for their children.

Apart from sounding attractive and serious, the name also has significance in implying righteousness and honesty. Since it implies good qualities, parents Isaiah is a suitable and desirable baby name for many parents.


The name has the oldest-known roots in Hebrew, especially with the Prophet Isaiah being a central and influential figure in the Old Testament. Apart from its roots in Hebrew, the name is also famously used as Esaias in Greek and Isaia in Latin, making it extremely diverse. The name has immense cultural and regional variations.










3 Syllables


6 Letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Isaiah has multiple variations in different languages and cultures, making it suitable regardless of which country or culture you belong to. Here are a few Isaiah name variations:

Name Origin
Esaias Greek
Isaia Latin
Yeshaya Hebrew
Esa Finnish
Isaija Serbian
Ikaia Hawaiian
Isia Hebrew
Isay Russian
Isaías Spanish
Isiah English

How Popular Is the Name Isaiah?

The popularity of a name can be primarily determined through the number of birth registrations done for the name within a particular year. In this case, records from the SSA provide a conceptual and almost accurate analysis of the popularity of a name. As per these birth records, the name Isaiah has been considerably popular among parents since the beginning of this millennium.

From 2000 to 2017, Isaiah’s popularity was high, considering that the name featured within the top 50 every year. The most popular ranking was identified in 2006 when it became the 39th most popular boy name in the US. Isaiah’s baby name ranking crossed 50 in 2018, recording 51, 53, and 51 in 2018, 2019, and 2020, respectively. However, this level of consistency, along with the name’s meaningful connotations, implies that it can make a comeback as a trendy name.

Interest in Isaiah – Worldwide

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As per Google search trends, the popularity of Isaiah in global searches was considerably low until March 2017, after which it peaked at 100 in April 2017. While it maintained average popularity after that, the lowest popularity was recorded in September 2011 at just 18.

Interest in Isaiah – US

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Over the last ten years, the interest trend in the US was closely similar to the interest trend documented worldwide. Specifically, the peak popularity of the name ‘Isaiah’ was recorded at 100 in the US in April 2017. Subsequently, the lowest interest and popularity among the US population was identified in May 2012 at just 16.

The Popularity of the name Isaiah


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Isaiah – Worldwide

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Amid the less-than-average search popularity of Isaiah, Zimbabwe generated the most searches in the last ten years. This is followed by other African countries like Jamaica, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda. Considering that the following four countries within the top 10 list are also from Africa, the name can be identified as especially popular in the continent.

Search trends of Isaiah – US

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The name Isaiah can be identified to be popular primarily among the southern states in the US. The highest popularity was generated in Alabama, followed by Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas, and South Carolina – all of which are southern states with a high number of religious believers.

Middle Names That Go With Isaiah

Middle names are crucial in making the person’s first and full name sound more melodic and attractive. With these suitable double names with Isaiah, you will be able to ensure that your little boy has a set of names that complement each other and sound attractive when said together.

Matthew Jackson
John Benjamin
Glen Lee
Paine Kai
Noah Ryder
James Kyle
Aiden Oliver
Gray Antoine
Caleb Cole
Gavin Ghalen

Famous People Named Isaiah

Celebrities help catapult a name to immense popularity, bringing it widespread recognition and usage. The same is in the case of Isaiah, where the following celebrities have influenced or can influence new parents to choose the name for their son.

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Isaiah Rashad American Musician (Rapper)
Isaiah Rider Retired American Basketball Player
Isaiah Mustafa American Actor
Isaiah Washington American Actor
Isaiah Toothtaker American Musician (Rapper)
Isaiah Kiplangat Koech Kenyan Athlete
Isaiah Firebrace Australian Musician
Isaiah “Ikey” Owens American Musician
Isaiah Shembe South African Evangelist
Isaiah Harris American Baseball Player (Pitcher)

Similar Names & Last Names

While baby names like Isaiah have immense significance and gravity, you may want to opt for other names for your baby with the same meaning. This may be because you don’t have suitable family names for Isaiah, or you find it a bit old-fashioned. Here are some similar names and last names for you to choose from:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Ezekiel Thompson
Ezra James
Levi Jackson
Micah Glenwell
Samuel Ericson
Peter Richardson
Elias Reeves
Elijah Hartford
Gabriel Hayes
Jacob Adler

Names That Sound Like Isaiah

While some parents may look for names with a similar meaning as Isaiah, some may look for names that rhyme with or sound similar to it. Here are some names that sound like Isaiah for you to choose from:

Asaya Isaac
Uziah Irving
Immanuel Isadore
Seraiah Asa
Malachi Xavier
Ezra Judah
Silas Amos

Sibling Names Related to Isaiah

Choosing the perfect sibling names that go with Isaiah is a crucial requirement to ensure that all siblings have names that complement each other. For this purpose, here are a few suggestions for you to choose from:

Sister Names For Isaiah Brother Names For Isaiah
Abigail Michael
Isadora Emmett
Leah Theodore
Saoirse Lucas
Sasha Jamie
Selena Jansen
Amelia Denny
Olivia Gaius
Samantha Tobias
Lisa Daniel

Nicknames for Isaiah

We tend to show affection to our children by words, and what better way to show affection than with a cute nickname? Here are some suggestions for nicknames for your son Isaiah:

Izzy Sayah
Zeke Isa
Issa Zaya
Iz Izzah
Hashi Isa-boy

Choosing a name for your son need not be difficult, especially when there is a horde of beautiful and meaningful names, such as Isaiah. Now that you know the importance and significance of Isaiah, you can easily choose the name for your boy or recommend it to the new or would-be parents around you.


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