Screen Time for Babies - YES OR NO? What Is Your Answer?

Screen Time for Babies – YES OR NO? What Is Your Answer?

I know the whole world is so accustomed to mobile phones and TV time. Be it at dinner tables or be it at home, everybody is glued to the screen.

So the question is how will I handle the baby the whole day if I don’t give him/her screen time? The next problem that I have often heard is ‘Oh my baby never eats without a phone’.

My baby is 2-years-old today and we still don’t have a TV at home. I always loved watching TV but for the sake of my child, I never installed it after delivery. I am still glued to my mobile phone, but now she doesn’t like it at all because I never watched it in front of her.

Today, she is so busy playing, eating with her own hands, taking a shower. She is so independent and has no time for TV. It’s just upto you as a parent how you train your child since she is a baby. She is a big-time fan of books and by now tries to speak good words and statements too. Every day she enjoys those reading sessions with her friends and daddy too. She loves indulging in this activity and looks forward to it on a daily basis

Guys, parenting is hard I know. But what you do in their first two years matters a lot. Make them self independent so they never ask for a phone or TV and still are busy the whole day without throwing any major tantrums.

Did our parents really give us any phone or TV? And still, we grew up well. Why can’t we try that now?

Good luck people. Hope this article really helps you in shaping your child. And yes this is my first article. And hopefully would love to write many more.

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