Fearful Mom to Happiest Mom, My Journey Towards Happiness

Fearest Mom to Happiest Mom My Journey Going in Happy Mode Now

I want to share my motherhood which was always fearest till now. During pregnancy I was in gestational diabetes I carried my baby with my sugar till delivery during that time I was not able to eat whatever I liked. For my baby I sacrificed everything. After that my bundle of joy was born his name was Rikesh(boy).  After that my life was not happy I underwent all struggles. I got fear that my baby may have some issues he did not use to drink milk. He cried a lot, there was no one for me to help. Only my husband was with me. My mother was also not with me.  My mother-in-law did not help me no one was there for me and my husband struggled. We worried a lot. We got fear that my baby is not like other babies, but I will not give up. I taught him everything, how to crawl, how to walk all milestones he achieved but later than other kids.

That is  ok but now he became normal I trained him much. Whatever I thought it was wrong he is normal. Each day I cried by worring about him, but now My son proved me that I was wrong, my fear was not worth. He is slow learner but absolutely normal. He is the most active kid in his class now and he is funny. He is happy. He is the most wonderful gift to me. I am happy nowadays after 3 years struggle. I achieved this happiness. He is going to complete 3 years now going school and enjoying his life. My fear gone started enjoying as a mom. He is late talker but whatever he talks it looks good and he is able to complete the sentence. Now communication is the only issue but I have confidence that he will achieve that too soon.

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