Importance of Self-Care in Post-Delivery Phase and Healthy Lifestyle Improvements You Can Make

Importance of Self-Care in Post-Delivery Phase and Healthy Lifestyle Improvements You Can Make

When the first cry hits your ears and that love pours out of your heart for your baby, you feel immense gratitude. Sometimes this feeling of taking care of your baby overpowers your own healthcare. The first three months are very important and decisive of your upcoming healthy relationship with your baby. So it’s important to keep a few points in mind:

  1. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Easy said than done, right? But a few things that helped me was keeping the room dark when the baby sleeps so that I can trick my mind into sleeping and usually drinking lukewarm milk as it contains serotonin which helps
    the mind to relax.
  1. Eat right and healthy. Don’t start fad diet to lose weight asap. It will take its own sweet time but for now, focus on healthy eating as done by our moms and grandmoms. Remember if you eat something that’s not good, it might cause discomfort to the baby as you are breastfeeding.
  1. The best way not to jeopardise your baby’s immunity is to limit the contact with guests and other people as baby’s immunity would be developing and you would also be going through a resting and restorative phase.
  1. Start walking short distances as and when suggested by your healthcare advisor and you soon will be back to your normal healthy routine. If you are allowed to do exercises then there’s nothing better than that. Exercise releases hormones that releases
    that feel good factor in our brain.
  1. Be happy. Postpartum anxiety is a new norm but thanks to all the support groups and amazing people in our life, we fight it all away. ?
  1. Schedule a salon appointment. Give yourself a break and enjoy a fresh haircut or just a simple facial can do the trick. More feel-good factors, more the energy you have to take care of your baby.
  1. Working on your immunity. As you may be knowing, medicines are a no-no while breastfeeding and very few medications are allowed by doctors. So take supplements as advised by the doctor. I personally took Vitamin C to increase my immunity and a
    vitamin supplement given by my doctor.
  1. This is the time when you should rest as much as you can, especially first three months, when your family cooks for you in first months usually, and once your baby starts crawling, then you will have your own aerobics exercise.

Lots of love ?

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