Let's Read Together - Building Habit of Reading Among Children

Let’s Read Together – Building Habit of Reading Among Children

Kids are the most innocent creatures on this earth. Every parent wants to give their children the best start in life. And the early ages of a child is a sensitive period to start anything. I am the mother of a 1-year-old boy and being a mother, I am always worried about my son getting addicted to electronic devices (the phone or television). Technology can always be a part of life but too much of anything can be dangerous.

This is actually the best time to build good habits in your children rather than letting them watch TV or use phones. They can develop many good habits like brushing their teeth, sleeping early and the habit of reading. According to a survey, a reading habit is considered to be the healthiest one. It is never too late to start with; even paediatricians are recommending that parents start reading to their newborn child. So if you are looking for some tips to foster reading habits in your child, here are some:

  • Infants enjoy hearing their parents’ voices; they find it very soothing and are likely to remember and relate more to their voices. So, new mothers, you can start from day one and then make it a daily routine. Your children will enjoy reading books when they grow up.
  • They asked a mother: “How did you persuade your child to read instead of playing with devices?”  She replied: “Children don’t hear us, they imitate us.” Yes, when children see their mommy and daddy sitting and reading, they will also sit with them and read. So let your kids see your enthusiasm for reading.
  • It is good to make a reading space for your children. It is not necessary to have a big one; it can be a small corner or any comfy spot with good lighting.
  • Always explore the genres of books available in the market or online. Remember to choose books which are age-appropriate, so that kids will not lose their interest. For infants, start with picture books, as they have brightly coloured pictures and pop-up images which attract babies. For toddlers (1 to 3 years), picture books with fewer letters can be used. For pre-schoolers (3 to 5 years), stories and interactive books can help them to understand more and make reading fun.
  • Find reading moments in your daily life. Reading does not only mean to sit in one place and read; reading moments can be found anywhere; from reading road signs or groceries list.

There are always different ways to build good habits. I am going to follow these tips to build reading habits in my child. Are you?

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