Worried About Milk Insufficiency? Don't Doubt Yourself

Worried About Milk Insufficiency? Don’t Doubt Yourself

As new mothers, it’s normal for us to doubt our ability on anything to do with the baby, whether it comes to parenting choices or taking care of the little one. I too have had my moments of self-doubt. Here’s my story.

One day, my parents went out somewhere, and I was alone at home with my 14 year old baby. This was the first time since my delivery that I had to take full responsibility of my baby, with nobody around to guide me. I breastfed my baby, after which he quickly fell fast asleep. Seeing this, I felt incredibly happy, thinking ‘Yes! I can do this easily.’ However, he woke up after just 15 minutes and started crying. I fed him again, but this time he wouldn’t go to sleep. No matter what I tried, he just wasn’t sleeping and I had no idea how to make him sleep. He just kept latching on my nipple for two-three hours. When my mom came, she asked me whether the baby had slept or not, and I told her what had been happening all this while, and that the baby had just been sucking my nipple and refusing to fall asleep. Immediately, my mom made some formula and fed him, after which he slept peacefully. I was stunned and disappointed in myself. I even started cursing myself about the kind of a mother I was.

Later, I went to the doctor and asked him for advice on starting with formula. He told me that you I shouldn’t think like this and that mother’s milk should be given to the baby for six months. He also assured me that my milk was sufficient and I should trust myself and just take care of my diet. Sometimes, babies want their mother around and latching is the only thing that does the trick for them, as that what they did in the womb.

Today, my baby is four months old and I am breastfeeding perfectly. When some of my relatives notice my baby being cranky or not sleeping well, they say he’s hungry and if my milk is not sufficient, to feed him formula, and so on. However, I know that every baby is different, and so is mine. I know his needs. On my latest visit to the clinic, the paediatrician even gave me a pat on the back for taking good care of my baby. After all, only you know what’s best for your baby, so trust yourself.

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